Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Susan Walker Girl Here Is Your Southern Ontario Autumn!

It was just last week that Betty and John took me out to the country to take some autumn pictures and I am dedicating them to my kindred spirit, Susan Walker who is a fall loving girl!
I was suppose to put these in yesterday but that Mom Golden kept me pretty busy, visiting the local doctors and then kept me running the same way today!
Well anyways Susan Walker Girl....I really hope you like the pictures.
This week the trees are finally bare and so we must look forward and do no complaining to Mrs. Mac, the winter loving girl!!!


Jammie J. said...

What lovely pictures, thank you for sharing! :)

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I am amazed. The beautiful landscape, the cleverly composed pictures and the skilled photographer!
You are a true Kinderegg, Terry my dear.
It's been wonderful to walk with you and experience the beauty of Ontario, with maples, a shining dandelion, the river and those old colonial style red barns.
Thank you for letting me spend this sight and scenery with you.

Hope your Mom is getting better, she sure is a genuine pearl, who's been through a lot these last months. She has a strong and willful glance in her eyes. Hope that fighting spirit and Jesus (and her loving daughter Terry ) help her overcome her problems. The doctor can be a useful tool too.
It's early in the morning, and I'll have some breakfast before trying to do something useful.
God bless the rest of your night, make your sleep sweet and the morning nice and shiny.
From Felisol

susanwalkergirl said...

Wow Terry...what I wouldn't give to be there and bask in the beauty and glory of God's creation. Thank you dear one! Love you and I'm praying for Dad Golden.


Pilot Mom said...

Terry, thank you for sharing your beautiful walk with all of us! I can almost feel I was right there with you, along with Felisol and Susan! :) I am always moved by the variety and depth of color that our Lord uses in His landscapes. I bet we will see many new colors once we are Home in Heaven. It will take our breath away, I'm sure!

Saija said...

absolutely gorgeous! i love the vibrant colours in your area ... :o) ... at the moment - it is white white white here! and it will stay - another 4 months i am guessing?