Monday, December 13, 2010

A Ruby Tuesday Post For Tammi

last week, in my post box, i received this lovely cd.
it is a beautiful collection of hymns which are skilfully played by tammi yates who is a young christian lady who uses her musical talents for the lord.
with all of the tints of red on tammi's stunning dress and on the cd itself, i thought it would make an excellent ruby tuesday post.

this is the front cover of the cd and the sunset or is it a sunrise[?] is a colourful as the sunsets that live in my beloved manitoba! so nice!
..but it doesn't compare to the lovely lassie who is sitting here!

these are the hymns that tammi plays on the cd and alas, they are not to be found on you tube and so i couldn't order any in!
the first hymn, in particular is almost one of my favourites!

on the inside of the cd i found this note that shows you exactly what tammi is proclaiming in this cd and it also shows you exactly what this dear christen sister stands for!
you can find her blog at...
i will ever be grateful to sandy for introducing her to us on her blog...

god bless you tammi yates and bless this work that you are doing for his terry

ps...everyone...happy ruby tuesday!


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
No doubt that beautiful Tammy also has a strong message, else you wouldn't vouch for her.

With you, Terry it will always be Jesus and his glory getting first priority.

Happy Ruby Tuesday to you, Bernie and the Golden family too.
From Felisol

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

so you enjoyed the singing? I like Seek Yee first the Kingdom of God.

Dimple said...

Thanks for posting this, Terri. I was touched by the thoughts on surrender.


Saija said...

looks like a good cd ...

been thnking of you guys - hope all is well ... (hugs)

Sue Seibert said...

Sending love, Terry!!!!!

jijie said...

Hello! Visiting here

Happy Tuesdays & Happy Holidays!
newest follower ,pls. follow me back
:) Thank you.

Tammi said...

Dear Terry,
Bless your heart! I was just in there practicing some Christmas music and wanted to take a break.. low and behold there's a message from you! :) Thank you so much for sharing this with your dear friends! What a thougthful thing to do. :)
You're snowed in? We got a little snow a few days ago too. It's FREEZING cold here! (in the low 20's and the wind's blowing something fierce.) I wanted to tell you a little story: My husband took those pics at sunrise last Feb. It was about 30 degrees. I nearly froze my toes off! hee hee. We prayed for the Lord to paint a beautiful sunrise, and He surely did! May He always be lifted up and glorified in whatever He enables me to do. I am so thankful He has allowed our paths to cross! Still praying for Dad & Mom Golden too. :)
Love and Hugs...and try to stay warm! :)
PS...I'm hoping to learn how to put together a video for You Tube soon. (If I can learn how to. Hee hee)

Linda Jackson said...

Love the ruby shoes! I too grew up in a large family...10 children! I agree...Tammy is beautiful and the Spirit of the Lord is upon her!