Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ruby Day Tuesday Birthday Girl The Day After

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today, on the far side of the sea there was a celebration going on because you see, it was my bestest friend, felisol's birthday. i feel bad that this post is too late but i guess it is better late than never, eh?

this lovely pink flower lives in norway and it was photographed by the birthday girl, herself. i "borrowed" it from her blog, http://felisol.blogspot.com/ along with some of her family pictures, a beautiful family indeed that consists of her cameo mom ljung, her dad who now lives in heaven but who is ever in the hearts of the rest, her handsome husband, gunnar and her equally good looking brother, kel, her daughter who is a princess and of course, felisol, our birthday girl!

this photo of felisol making snow angels was taken on her 60th birthday but i heard it from a reliable source that felisol, just last week was keeping busy making snow angels in the snow that the snow queen of idaho, mrs.mac had dumped all over norway!
felisol is so young at heart and such a tender forgiving soul..i find it really hard to forgive that snow queen for giving southern ontario any of that white stuff!

...and so while felisol is playing in the snow, i shall have the kittie play her a birthday song!

now mr. jim's granddaughter, adi wanted a piece of the action and so here she is making havoc of the birthday cake that i had ordered in from google images.
well it just serves that felisol right if that doggie gobbles up the whole thing..after all she is too interested in making SNOW ANGELS than coming in where it is warm to blow out the 61 candles on her cake!

no matter felisol...bernie and i and mom and dad golden love you so much and so we wish to you happy happy birthday!.........love terry

ps.. you are a blessing in our life!


Felisol said...

Dearest Terry,
Thank you for all the efforts you've made to light up my day.
It was most undeserved, but well appreciated.
I haven't made snow angel this winter. Too little snow here n Haugesund.
My day was celebrated in Sauda with my mom. American wise pizza and ice cream.
Gunnar's services were required to help out some electrical problems.
Well, now we're back in town for more Christmas preparations.

I'm so sad about dad Golden. Hopefully he is recovering by now!Next time you take the wheelchair, so will you probably get better service as well.
Hugs from Felisol

Amrita said...

Oh its lovely to come here an d wish Felisol a very happy birthday an d year to come.

Terry you r heart shows in the cards you create. Each one is so special.

I love the doggie over the cake. Can you do one of Sheeba 's . I hav e he r picture on my latest blog entry. I wan t to see her cutting a cake

Saija said...

lovely posting!!!! i'm sure it made our Felisol's day that much sweeter ...

hope dad Golden is doing better!!!


Terry said...

aw sorry about that felisol!''your latest post mentioned a lot of angels and i was reading between the lines and was just imagining all of you girls laying in the snow and making snow angels.
and here i was accusing the snow queen of idaho of dumping a load of snow on you!
it doesn't pay to upset that girl!
she is now liable to dump a load on welland!!....ha!
i am glad you were at mom ljung for the celebration.
dad golden was feeling much better today! we just got back from seeing him. i showed him his "norway's" picture and he said, "she looks like such a sweet girl!"
take care of yourself felisol..love terry

Jim said...

♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Felisol,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

Happy Birthday (late) Felilsol!
Happy Birthday (late) Felilsol!
Happy Birthday (late) Felilsol!
Happy Birthday (late) Felilsol!
Happy Birthday to you!

I am sorry this has to be late. I hope the old saying that 'late is better than ever' will still hold true.

Isn't that Terry a doll for keeping up with all our BDays like she does? And celebrates them so wonderfully too!

We all love you Felisol,
Glad to hear that Pop Golden is starting to feel better. I will check back on him soon!

Sonja said...

Hi Terry:

I just love this post for Felisol! You have captured so many things about her, and I feel like you do, she is such a special Norwegian sister!

You are so clever the way you put all of this together, I know she loved it!

Blessings from Texas to Canada!


PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Felisol!! Isn't it wonderful to have such a treasured friendship from across the miles. I love making snow angels as well, may we never outgrow that:-) We don't have any snow here yet, got a bit of a sprinkle yesterday but then it changed to rain. Steve who lives in Barrie said they got over 100 cm of it within 3 days. Hard to believe that Sudbury didn't get hit with it! lol xoxo

Gibran said...

I like the rhythm birthday music. Thank for shared. by the way, Happy Birthday to you, this has to be late.