Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Late Ruby Tuesday Post

these pretty little red shoes are mary the teach's latest creation for her ruby tuesday...aren't they just the sweetest things and isn't our teach mary just the best!

this is a very late ruby tuesday. i really didn't think i would have the time to write a post because i had a very important letter to write to my bestest friend who lives on the far side of the sea, but when bernie and i went to see mom golden this evening, the pretty red signs of christmas met us right in her apartment building entrance...such a beautiful christmas tree and many decorations!

we had to hurry along though because mom golden was waiting for her computer lessons which bernie gives to her most evenings.after steaming cups of tea the class started, lasting a half hour.
mom golden is an enthusiastic student..
yes, alas we had to leave the christmas tree but my camera resolved to snap some more pictures on the way out!

and here is the first one of the pretty scene!

we discovered rudolph on top of the mail boxes waiting to see to it that everyone received many christmas cards!

while this fellow here, mr. snowman offers the return mail [for just december mind you]...the return to sender any of the fat bills that everyone has!

this is such a cute decoration over the door.

these christmas bells are ringing as they tell the news that christ jesus came to this world as a BABE that grew up to be the MAN christ jesus who died for everyone!
what a joyful sound!

these little dollies appear to be having a fun time as they rest on the door ledge..

now that mr. santa clause is such a bold person!
just imagine THAT..he has hung up two stockings...one stocking demanding to be filled with cookies and the other to be filled with a litre carton of milk..
for sure and this is not very polite of him! ....no indeed!

i guess these two stockings belong to the landlord and landlady...hmmm...i wonder what THEY will be filled with?

such a lovely wreath with mr. snowman standing under it.

the camera wanted to take a photo of the beautiful angel on top of the tree.

we took one more look at the tree and..

headed out the door which was covered with snow flakes[ART snowflakes thankfully]...to the little red car which had been waiting for us in the pouring rain for a couple of hours....and she took us home..

happy ruby tuesday everybody!!

ps..you had better not listen to that mr.snow man....for sure and you had better not return to the sender ANY of your fat bills...ha!

god bless you...love terry

The Gospel bells are ringing,
Over land, from sea to sea:
Blessed news of free salvation
Do they offer you and me.
For God so loved the world
That His only Son He gave;
Whosoever believeth in Him
Everlasting life shall have.


Gospel bells, how they ring;
Over land from sea to sea;
Gospel bells freely bring
Blessed news to you and me


Mrs. Mac said...

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" ... got any snow yet Miss Terry?? eh, what did you say?;) Well .. just be on the lookout for a few flurries headed your way .. the North Woods got another foot of snow the past few days .. and word is it's headed your way. ;0)

aside from the snow news, Mom Golden's apartment looks so cheery all decorated for Christmas. She's quite a good computer student .. and I bet that Bernie fellow is a patient teacher.

Gotta scoot .. little Jacob is spending the night .. because his daddy's car couldn't make it to grammy's home due to the snow on the road. I get to keep the little fellow tomorrow too! We've been reading the Christmas story every day .. because it's time he learned the true reason we celebrate Christmas.


The Snow Queen

Terry said...

dear snow queen...what did you say, eh?
we woke up this morning just in time to see those flurries that you promised us and with some really cold weather too!
that bernie fellow is looking for his winter long johns and for an extras coat to put on!!!

the decorating wasn't mom and dad golden's apartment. it was at the down stairs entrance of the building. some one sure did a good job. i am just thankful that there wasn't a sprig of mistletoe to be found....mush!
too bad you are snowed in mrs. mac but maybe it will keep you out of trouble for awhile!

yes mrs. mac it is NEVER too soon to tell the little ones about jesus!...god bless you and the child!...love terry

Ann said...

Good job you habe the decoration up.

Felisol said...

Dear Terrry,
There's something good to be found in every person around Christmas time.
That landlady sure did know how to decorate the common entrance.
I wonder what she'll find in her socks Christmas morning.

I'm happy to hear that Mac grandchild Jacob is learning about the real Christmas.

I remember when Serina was three (or four), we had used every day of advent to go through a piece of Luke 2.
With songs and Nativity scene, the whole works.
At Sunday school she learned even more, and then there were Children's TV reruns about Child Jesus' birth in Bethlehem.
Finally the Christmas Eve arrived. The whole family was gathered in a packed church.
The minister announced he was going to read from Luke 2. The whole congregation stood up, listening in devotion, when our impatient little rose spoke out loudly, " I have heard it before!"
My mother reddened from shame, but Gunnar and I just couldn't keep from giggling.
She has heard it over and over again ever since, but never complained.
Like the rest of us, she loves the good news, they're always new and alive.

Anonymous said...

Terry, thanks for sharing some great photos. When is Mom Golden going to start her blog? I'll bet she would have a bunch of interesting life experiences she could share with the world :-)

God bless you and have a great weekend :-)


Tammi said...

This was such a pleasure to read and view! The pictures are beautiful! :) Thank you for taking the time to post these! And I'm so proud of Mom Golden for being such a great student! :) I shall never feel discouraged about being my age and in college again! :) HUGS!

Mar said...

Beautiful shots, I love Christmas!!

Amrita said...

Hello Terry, Mom an d Dad have their building really decke d up for Christmas. In India people decorate later. Bu t I have a few things out, influence d by my Western frienmds blogs.

Our house is coming together slowly after the painting. I have to wash tons of linen and covering etc. And still have to put my books back.

Todayt is Namrita ;s youngest son 's birthday. I made apple crumble to celebrate along.

I remember Felisol 's birthday is on Dec 8th.

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