Monday, November 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday On A Autumn Snowy Day Eh?

the weather has been very fine in idaho...the idaho snow queen has been very kind, but this kindness turned quite chilly last week as she looked around to see where she could dump a load of snow and here she has done it...dumped a whole lot of snow in my beloved manitoba and piled it high on to the little town that saija and leo and their kitty, indie live!
saija was kind enough to let me use these tell tale pictures of the terrible deed!
here the idaho snow queen rests triumphaly beside the christmas tree that is full of red ribbons and red ornaments.... and leo's red cap!

here is the proof!

here saija is trying to shovel and here leo stands without even a coat or boots or mittens and here indie is shaped into a cold black furry ball...for sure and she is NOT used to this treatment!
why didn't the idaho snow queen come for a visit in the spring when she was the idaho lilac princess???...NOT nice!

not one bit of pity does the queen have.. begging for pity through the frosty window brings no results.
i remember such winter days when the goldens lived in my beloved manitoba and mom golden would not let us come in and WE didn't have mittens either...too many pairs of hands for sure and so we had to wear old stockings on our hands!
i wonder if the idaho snow queen was around THEN?

who can really imagine that this little princess sitting beside her handsome prince would ever change into a SNOW queen...alas!

well i guess i better forgive her, just in case she decides to come to southern ontario to dump a load....besides i have to wish her a belated happy anniversary like i try to every year on this blog and so mrs.mac i have kept my promise to you and so could you promise me to keep your snow in idaho where it belongs!!!
happy anniversary!..

oh these beautiful glittering hearts will make this a legal ruby tuesday!
happy ruby tuesday everyone even you mrs. mac and saija and leo and indie and EVERYONE!
god terry


Dianne said...

that is a lot of snow!!
we're having a warm spell here in NJ
it is 30 degrees warmer today than it was Sunday

lovely photos :)

Mel_Cole said...

So pretty shots!

My Ruby Tuesday post

David Edward said...

we have less snow ( i refuse to take its picture, and encourage bad behavior) but cold temps
my mom is hanging on, by what I do not know

Kim, USA said...

That is a lot of snow but we are expecting that soon here in MI. Happy Thanksgiving day!

Felisol said...

Bear Mrs. Snow Queen Mac, may have all the snow she likes. But sending a load full over to Norway in October, that wasn't very nice.
Luckily it's all gone, but now dear Saija has to deal with it.
She's made some wonderful snow pictures though.I admire them. She's the kid of girl, who always will look upon the stars instead of the black sky.
Me, I'm different. I'd love to spend some relaxing weeks in warm and cosy Welland.
May the icicles stay long away from your home at least until end of December.. And may all your Ruby Tuesdays be crowned with a shiny, red heart.
From felisol

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Love all the photos especially the snow against the window! Thank you so much for your sweet birthday greetings! I loved hearing about your growing up family much like mine. We are blessed! (I've signed on to follow you lovely blog!)
Have a wonderful day!

Jada's Gigi said...

You are too funny...:) yes, its far to early for snow!!

Saija said...

*laughing* ... well you done real good there, terry! i think mrs. mac will get a kick out of that!

would you believe it is STILL snowing here!!!

blessings on ya!!!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Snow in November? Brrrr
When I went to canada, it was Christmas when we had a lot of snow.

Pat said...

No snow, now snow...Please!
It will be ok if we get it for Christmas, but it has to melt the next day!
Love you Terry!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

You know, I just happen to pop on over for a little visit to my Canadian sister .. eh .. and here she is spinning yarns about the Snow Queen ;) Well, just for the record, I kept quite a bit of the blizzard for my own backyard. Enough for all of the family to go sledding after turkey dinner yesterday. I think it was actually colder in my neck of the woods than in the North Pole. We had -10 F a few days ago. Yesterday and today it snowed. Maybe, just maybe .. S. Ontario will be spared .. but I can't promise nothin' Hugs and Warm wishes from the Snow Queen.