Monday, November 15, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Four Days Later For Dad Golden's Birthday

last Friday dad golden celebrated his birthday...he is 84 years old!
sandra[number five child] and gail[number seven child] came down from toronto and outside of toronto to bring him a chocolate candles and all!
...and they brought mom golden a bouquet of purple flowers

gail looks pretty in her nice pink sweater.
dad golden didn't want 84 candles on his cake because he and mom golden live in an apartment building....and dad golden is a fire man from way back.

the candles are lit...but the birthday boy has to wait until....

the photographer takes a picture of father and his beloved daughter

the candles are all blown out but dad golden forgot to make a wish!..alas!

mom golden in her lovely red skirt sits herself down to take a picture of her old sweetheart!

dad golden likes the cake!

and so does bernie.

and so does mom golden!

the cake is gone and so back to the electronics!
gail is showing bernie her i-phone..gail's phone is absolutely stuffed full of family pictures...a treasure chest for sure..worth more than great treasures!

mom golden is sitting in the middle of her two computing daughters...both of the lap tops belong to mom golden! she is a comutin' dude too, eh?

oh oh! comes someone that is going to steal all the attention from the birthday boy and it is none other than eric and marie's baby.

coming to see her great grampa golden...and so here they are folks..the oldest and the youngest of the clan!

gracey[number six child] is the proud gramma of this little treasure and she has three other grand children too!

yes auntie sandra and mom and dad here admiring the centre of attention!

auntie gail getting a piece of the action!

back once more into gramma'a arms!

but what is going on...why am i alone and WHY is that camera lady taking so many pictures of me???

alas little lassie it seems like everyone is saying their farewells[the goldens never say good bye..they always say "see you later".
marie says "see you later aunt sandra".

"group hug" says auntie gail as she throws her arms aroung marie and eric.

"see you next time gail "hortense" when you come again from the big city.
dad golden phones gail every day at nine in the morning, one hour after he phones gary and two hours after he phones bernie and golden is a busy guy on the phone..waking up his kids

and now farewell to sandra who will be taking gail home...
[it is well passed dad golden's bed time!..ha!!

oh oh! did SOMEBODY say they were going to take mom golden out shopping?
haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!there she sits all ready sandra and gail!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Dad Golden!

reg said...

Terry what a great set of pictures here. Also Happy Birthday to you wonderful Father who served our Nation. Your Mom and Dad look great

also thanx for the lovely E-mail

Amrita said...

The togetherness and love of your family makes it so special.
Imagine Dad calling all his kids everyday at a set time. That is wonderful.

Lovely pictures an d the youngest member of the family stole my heart.

The cake looked scrumptious.Did the late comer 's get a bit?

What else did you eat with the cake ? You didn 't show that.

Auntie E said...

What a lovely day. I love the birthday cake.. Yummy chocolate.
My Ruby Tuesday-Fall Lazy Flare

♥ Kathy said...

awww it looks like y'all had a really good time terry ♥ *hugs* love ya!

Jim said...

Terry, you saved a very good picture for the last. All the company is gone and now Mom Golden can use her computers again.

Nice work here, Terry. Seems you girls did things up righ for the Birthday Boy. 84, Wow! If time goes as fast going to 84 as it did from 70 to 77 then it won't be long for me! (That's what the monkey said after he got his tail caught in the door, "It won't be long now!:)

One more time, Happy Birthday Pop Golden!
And many more!
I'm still not doing Ruby Tues yet. I do have a blue dog on today that you have never seen. And a new (finally) picture of Adi.

Dianne said...

beautiful beautiful family! :)
I love the wall of photos, my home is also filled with photos

the cake looks yummy, I like how the candles are squiggly

Happy Birthday Dad Golden!

Carole Burant said...

Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!! He's looking wonderful and what a terrific celebration he had with his family. I so enjoyed looking at every picture and seeing the love on everyone's faces:-) The baby is just so precious as well!! xoxo

Trish said...

You are so blessed Miss Terry...what a beautiful family.
I miss my Daddy's calls.

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Dad Golden from ... THE SNOW QUEEN ...