Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Felisol's Sweetheart on the Far Side of the Sea

gunnar is a proud norwegian and i am sure that he doesn't mind a birthday picture of himself under the norwegian flag!

Norway's national flag is also displayed outside the home of a birthday person. On the birthdays of important people, the streets in Norway are decorated with flags.
now every year, it is the same thing...this man on the far side of the sea has to share his birthday with christmas.
well i just thought that he would enjoy this song from norway that bernie and i had ordered in from you tube!
gunnar is young at heart like his princess daughter, serina and so is felisol and mom ljung young at heart and so i think that they all will enjoy this delightful song!

...Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or Bends with the remover to remove. O, no! It is an ever-fixed mark, That looks on tempests and is never shaken. It is the star to every wandering bark, whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
William Shakespeare.
these are some lovely words that felisol quoted about gunnar for his 2008 birthday,
in fact you can read the whole moving post of gunnar's birthday that felisol wrote in her blog

once again gunnar from the opposite of the sea, we wish you a happy birthday....with love bernie and terry


Felisol said...

Dear Tery,
We thank you for a most welcome greeting.
I'm particularly happy, since Gunnar finally has reached the 60 digit.
To day, Christmas Eve, is the most busy day of the year. Only half Holiday. The shops close at 13 and at 15 (3) the Christmas bells are chiming to church celebration of the birth of Jesus. Then it's huge dinner and gifts.
Thanks once more. We are in a hurry-
Yours Felisol

Amrita said...

Many many Happy returns of th e Day Gunnar.

Terry sweet heart you created such a special post for Gunnar.

Mrs. Mac said...

I loved reading and watching the little song you have posted for our Norwegian friend, Gunnar. And the kransekake served up with family and friends. Terry .. you have a gift of cheer. Happy belated Christmas birthday to Gunnar. May you have many, many more to come.

Felisol said...

Dearest Terry,
It has been awhile since you have been posting. I am praying for you and hoping you are not too exhausted after your hard fight to help dad Golden. In these years we have known each other, you've had lifesaving interventions so many times for my prayerchild Golden. I do hope everybody in your family appreciates this.
I do. God does.
Now I'm praying for renewed strength and joy for you, my fellow fourtyniner.
Let me hear how things are going. we have shared sorrows and joys for so long.
I kind of know that silence is not Golden when it comes to you, dearestest of friends.
Yours Felisol


Terry, I had a good time yesterday browsing through your posts. I tried to go back to the first one but when this blue bar to my right was at the very bottom, (2007), there were older posts listed at the end of it. So I just read the ones up (more recent)from there, thoroughly enjoying the photos of seasons and scenery, the posts about your family and your friends Felisol, Gunnar, Amrita. Hi to all of them. . . Especially liked the sweet pictures of your wedding and your posts about your husband. Hi Bernie!