Friday, January 25, 2008

Dad And Mom Golden

Good morning..
Just a quick note on Dad Golden.I am taking both him and Mom to the doctor's this morning.Dad Golden is getting bored at home but he does need a little more rest so we have been doing the little shopping that needs to be done.In the next few weeks I will be taking him to several doctor visits.He has to go to Hamilton General next Friday and the following week go for an ultrasound on his bladder and then to a trip to the heart doctor here in Welland.Thanks for your continuing prayers involving his salvation....Love Terry


Jim said...

Well, Terry, it is nice he is home. Have they figured out why he has such low blood pressure?
(I'm praying more for you guys than I am reading blog.}
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Amrita said...

Good to hear Dad Golden is in such good hands and you are taking good care of him and Mother.

Praying for you all and specuiially that Dad may give his heart to Jesus.

Elise said...

Dear Terry,
I am praying for the Goldens and the Shirkies.
God bless you.

turtlepearl said...

Hey Terry. Just wanted to let you know that I am keeping you & your Mom & Dad in my prayers. It's good they are home again! I miss talking to you, but I know you are way too busy for idle chitchat - so thought I would just stop by here & let you know I'm thinking of you. Have a great day.
Big Hugs, Cindy

Bill said...

Hi Terry, I know how hecktic and time consuming it must have been for you,
but it sounds like your Dad will recover and be back good health soon.
Judy and I have you and your family in our prayers and know that God is with you and watching over you always. Please take care.
Bill & Judy

Amrita said...

Hi Terry, Just thinking of you. Pray Dad and everyone else is OK

Vicki said...

Just stopping by to remind you of my ongoing prayers for Dad Golden. I know this has probably been a hectic time for you and the family.

sending hugs,

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. Shirkie,

Can you please e-mail this update to all the Pals? My mom wrote it up and sent it to all our friends and family, so I am just copying it here...I know it has first names and all, but I could care less. I was anonymous to start off, due to the dangerous nature of the internet, but I really don't mind the Pals knowing these names. LMG is mentioned by name here, too. Just please delete this comment once you've copied it...Thank you!

Dear Family and Dear Friends,

We want to thank you for upholding Jose, myself, and the children all before our Heavenly Father. We have felt the prayers during this walk. At times, wondering will it get any worse. The LORD has been so faithful to encourage us though His Word, friends, family, and neighbors. We are so gracious to all of you that have covered us in prayer.

Jose's numbers yesterday were still improving. His hemoglobin was 111. Were looking for 140 in the future. His tumour marker was at 46.9, down from 51 of last time :) His weight is steadily increasing. He is now 118 lbs. He has gained 20 lbs. :) The doctor ordered a CT Scan. We are praying that the appointment will not be set for another 4 weeks. She wants to see what the lungs, liver, adrenals, look like after having treatment. Many of you didn't know that he had the cancer so widespread in his body. It was also in his neck bone, sternum, pelvis, and the ankle. We needed our own time to digest al of what we were told and jsut kept it quiet so we could move through it, believing the LORD will do a work in our hearts and in Jose's body.

Jose has energy again. Last week he was out running errands for three hours, two days in a row. How great is our LORD! He is trying to concentrate on working out with the weights to put back some muscle bulk :) and strength to his body. When it is time to walk, he wants to have the strength to do so. Elizabeth took him out for a walk around the corner fm our house. He walked about 4 houses away. We did it again the next day but the temperature wasn't as pleasant. Then we got snow, and more snow. Now he is just getting out onto the walkway to take in the sun, and breathe in the fresh air.

Jose has the appointment with the orthopedic oncologist April 12th. Right now, Jose is putting light body weight on his foot as he walks with the crutches. The swelling has receded tremendously. He still has hat looks like a bracelet of swelling around the ankle and the inside of his ankle looks like a wall instead of showing his ankle bone distinctly. I hope this helps all of you that haven't seen him to understand what he had looked like and how he is looking now.

We continue to covet your prayers. We serve a Living LORD. He IS faithful!

Love to all,
Jose and Dorothy and the tribe

Love and Prayers,