Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog Anniversary For Ron...January 19

Today when I went to say howdy to RRBJ and Princess down Georgia way, I discovered that it was his first blog anniversary, and here I had not seen him since so this is a congratulations to the amazing grace man, Ron, father of Biscuit and grand pappy of Princess.
Below you will see the post that I stole, right in broad daylight, I must add, and placed here for all the world to see!
Ron has been a real blessing to his many blog friends and a real encouragement to the writer, herself which is why I nicknamed him "amazing grace man" several months ago.
I wish him many more successful years with his blogging!
So.............HAPPY ANNIVERSARY RON????????!

I cain’t believe its been a year today since I wrote my first Post ? I have enjoyed and appreciate all my good friends I have made over the year ! I appreciate your kind thoughts and respect with a lot of Gods Love thrown my way ? I don’t always “ Feel as Good as I Look “ but my daily blog reading usually perks me up for the day ? You see I’ve have got somebody in my life that loves me for who I am ? Thats makes me feel special according to His word !

He does not lead me year by year,
Nor even day by day .
But step by step my path unfolds,
My Lord directs my way .
Tomorrows plans I do not know,
I only know this minute .
But He will say, “This is the way,
By faith now walk ye in it. “
And I am glad that it is so,
Today’s enough to bear,
And when tomorrow comes,
His Grace
Shall far exceed its care .
What need to worry then, or fret ?
The God who gave His Son
Holds all my moments in His Hand
And gives them one by one !
“Just give me one day at a time Sweet Jesus thats all I ’m asking for “
is my prayer each day ?

Blessings to all and I look forward to another year of good reading.


Amrita said...

Hi Terry,
Good to read about yopur friend Ron.
My first anniversary will come in March or April.

Terry said...

Oh Oh...You are just a toddler Amrita!!....Love Terry

Vicki said...

Congrats to Ron, the grace man:-)
Appreciated his comment at Pals recently.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you are clever and so very quick in creating new pictures and blogs.
I've been trying to get something out for a month now, and it's still not posted.
Just like walking in genuine Canadian Maple syrup.
Say hello to ypiur loved ones.
Best regards form Felisol

audrey` said...

Hi Terry
How are you?
It's so nice to meet you =)

Merle said...

Hi Terry ~~ It is so nice to meet another friend. Congrats to your friend Ron on his first Blogiversary
I enjoyed his first entry, and also
your family blogs - I hope all is well. Thanks for your kind comments
about Read this Slowly, as well as The Bell. Glad you enjoyed them. I know what you mean about "Someday, we must get together" and often it is at funerals that this happens. I have a cousin who says "so long as he's not the main attraction, it' OK" Take care Terry, Cheers, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi Terry ~~ Nice to hear from you again. I understand about a full house as I have fairies and teddy bears etc etc all over mine. I am a real clutterer.I hope your parents are in better health now. I admire the Queen too, but never wrote to her. I loved Diana too, and hope they will soon let her rest. Pearl had a good birthday and I passed on your wishes to her. Take care, Love, Merle.