Friday, February 01, 2008

ANOTHER Belated Birthday!
This beautiful little kitty with the nice blue eyes belongs to Naomi and I asked his mama a few weeks ago if I could post him on my blog..
Well the perfect opportunity has arrived, and that is the birthday of a dear friend of so many of us...Maggie-Ann, who just loves cats!
Sweetie is not really smiling and neither am I because I am two weeks late on wishing Maggie-Ann a Happy Birthday.
I have been running late on so many special occasions lately [hmm.. no pun intended!]

The little gal in the picture, with all those curls is Miss Maggie-Ann and if you read her profile, you can see there that she just adores "Anne Of Green Gables".
I cannot for the life of me understand why she spells her name without the "e"...
Ann, without the "e" does not just cut it as far as I am concerned!

Below I have copied Maggie-Ann's own words...

"When I was just a little girl,

I said to my Mother,
what will I be?
Will I be pretty,
will I be rich?...
Here's what she said to me...

"que sera sera,
Whatever will be will be,
the future's not ours to see...
que sera sera."

My Mother really did sing this to me when I was just a little girl. And I loved it. And now I'm all grown up and the most precious thing in my life is my personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ his son, my Saviour. I'm so thankful to be saved. To become a new creature in Christ is trully life changing. The most wonderful blessing to me, for now and for the eternal life to come. No wondor John Newton...was inspired to pen the words, ...
"Amazing Grace....
how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see".

There is no sinner that will be turned away if he or she trully repents and asks God's forgiveness. "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."

Maggie-Ann[e] turned 60 years old Jauary 15th..

She is catching up to Adi''s Grampa, Mr. Jim, who according to HIS profile is 106 years young!!

Happy Birthday Maggie-Ann[e]!!!!!
love Bernie and Terry

Thank you Naomi for allowing me to borrow your little prince for a while!...........


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh it is my great pleassure And Sweetie's tooo..Though he is a rather shy little guy..(Well, not so little), He loves wishing people Happy Birthday. So, A Very Happy Happy Belated Bithday To Maggie-Ann! Sweetie and I hope you have many many more....!

And I am so glad you wanted to post my dear Sweetie....He is The Best! And truly, the sweetest cat I've ever known...!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I just so admire the heartedly way you honor your many friends.
Give us a chance to make new acquaintances as well.
Happy Belated birthday Maggi-Ann.
How are you and your parents, Terry, my dear?
From Felisol

Jim said...

Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!
Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!

That's about the better I can sing, so Happy Birthday, Belated, Maggie-Ann!

Terry, I know why there isn't an 'e' at the end of her name, her mom gave it to her like she (Mom) liked it.

Amrita said...

Hi Terry,

Read your comment on felisol 's blog. Pray the Lord 's warmth and love all around.May dad make his peace with the Lord.

Naomi 's little kitty is so cute.He is star.

Let me add my greeting to maggie Ann.I love Anne of green gables too.And that song too.

Dear Terry I don 't want to appear bold but i thought you had posted a photo soft ware program to me, i did not get it. I hope it did not get get lost in the mail that 's why i am asking. I hope you don 't mind me asking this I am scared of offending friends.

Saija said...

maggie ann was one of my very first blog buds - back in late 2004 ... she is such a sweetie and always shares scripture on her blog ...

and you are a sweetie for remembering her b.d. like this! :o)

Maggie Ann said...

Dear Terry, How sweet of you to honor my BD. Thank you! The week of my BD I had a nasty headcold...and now I have a nasty kidding. My hubby is going to teach my little Sunday School class in the a.m. love, Maggie

Jim said...

Terry, you said one time (on blog) that Bernie went to MacDonald's every morning for coffee with his cronies.
What does he do now that it has been torn down?
BTW, Adi likes Dair Queen soft ice cream just as well as MacDonald's. Thanks.

Terry said...

Dear Jim....Since they have torn down Macs, we have been forced to go to Burger Kings in the morning where Bernie has burnt toast and coffee.
We have to bring in our own peanut butter though.
Then if he is on days, after work we go to Wendy's where we have our senior coffee and Bernie has a baked potato!

Dear Naomi...I must agree with you. That Sweetie is the best!
For about four months on my desk top I have had a little picture of flowers on which I had the names of Minerva, Especially Heather and Bill's Judy..I had them there to remind me to pray for these dear ones that had cancer. Well they are all doing so much better.
Today I put the white prince with the blue eyes on my desktop...Ha!

Dear Felisol...It is very strange about Dad. For the last week he has had trouble with two of his fingers going numb.
Today when he went for his paper, he had to ask a passer by to help him get his car into drive.
He can barley write with his hand and why I am saying it is strange, he seems not to be upset at all about it. He has had a sweetness about him and I am just wondering if he is really thinking...
Mom Golden is fine. She is kind of enjoying having Dad at home the time.

Ah! ...Mr. Singing Telegram Man...You have never failed us yet!!
Maggie-Ann's mom should have known that her daughter was going to be a kindred spirit of Anne Shirley's. She ought to have put an "e" on the end of Ann!!!

Dear Amrita...keep you eyes to the skies...I sent that package air mail!!!
Amrita...YOU are a kindred spirit too?...How nice!!

Dear Saija...You are a sweetie yourself.. I hope your cold is all better and you can have some chocolate bars before that Leo gobbles them all up!!

Maggie-Ann...I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. It is so nice that your sweetheart is filling in for you, teaching the Sunday School class. I kind of miss teaching myself. I used to have the three and four year olds and those babes taught me so much!!

Take care of yourself...Love Terry