Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dad Golden Home From The Hospital

Last evening Bernie and I brought Dad home from the hospital.
There to meet us when we arrived home at eight PM was Betty and John just getting Mom Golden out of the car.
Our parents were both glad to be home!

Now Dad Golden had insisted on me to take some hospital pictures for the blog.

Here he is enjoying [NOT!] the good hospital food..

Here is Dad Golden with his favourite son in law, Bernie.
All four of his son in laws are his favourite. John[Betty] , Eric[Gracey],
Ross [Gail] and of course that Bernie[Terry]..
Dad Golden talking to his favourite daughter Gail, who lives near Toronto.
Of course all six of his daughters are Dad Golden's favourite....Betty, Terry, Sandra, Gracey, Gail and Karen...

Oh! Oh!...Dad Golden with the daughter who has been nagging him for a long time!!

Betty and John with Dad Golden who is making a face at the camera!
"Please get this over with! I want to get into the apartment, into my bed and sleep!"

Together again....Dad and Mom Golden..
We ALL thank you for your prayers!.........Love Terry


ron said...

Hello Terry,

I am glad to hear the good news . I gives thanks to our God for taking care of Dad Golden ! I ain't going to take ya'll off my prayer list cause I'm still praying for Dad Golden's salvation ! Tell him that I'm looking forward to meeting him in real life but just in case we don't get to then I want to be able to spend eternity with him !


Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Miss Terry ... I've been following the whole ordeal with Dad Golden, and I am quite happy he is home with his lovely bride. I will continue to pray for his health and salvation. Now you need to get some rest girlfriend ;)

Amrita said...

Mom and dad look so sweet and all the family too. Feels like I 've known you since ages thru these pictures.Good to have such a close knit loving family.

I must tell Mom Dorothy about all of you.She will really like to hear about you all.I tell my Mom about everyone too and show her the pictures.

Pray the lord heals Dad fast.

Pat said...

Home sweet home, there's no place quite like it. I will continue to pray for Dad Golden and you too my sister - to renew your strength daily!

Elise said...

Dear Terry,
A heartily welcome home to Dad Golden.
My Mom will probably be discharged tomorrow and come to live with us for rehabilitation and recreation.
(I'll set up a blog a soon as I get my breath back).
May the Lord help and bless all of us.
Yours Felisol

Terry said...

Thank you Ron[amazing grace man].
I will be taking a visit to you whenever the world stops spinning so fast!
Mrs. Mac....Thank you for the nice letter..Thanks!
Amrita and Miss are such a source of comfort and encouragement to me. Thanks for your prayers and comments!
And my Felisol, I am so glad to hear that Mom Ljung will be coming home!
And I am still praying for her and for you!....Love Terry

Vicki said...

So thankful to be a part of your praying friends...

Terry said...

Thanks Vicki...You are a very special friend..Love Terry

Anonymous said...
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