Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Roses For Dad Golden From Amrita

Dad Golden is still in the hospital. He is all right when he is sitting in a chair or laying on the bed but as soon as he gets on his feet, his blood pressure goes really low. The doctor's are still trying to find out why this is and it is worrying the family. Mom is doing well at Betty's and is getting a real rest but she seems to want to be at home too. We don't want her to be alone though.

Bernie and I will be going up later about three to see Dad and I hope that I will have a better report on him by then...

My friend Amrita... made this lovely bouquet of roses for Dad Golden and for Felsiol's mother, Mom Ljung and for a few more of her ill friends...It was so thoughtful of her and I just thought that she wouldn't mind if I shared them with you all and thank you for all of your prayers...Love Terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Amrita is a kind, loving person who willingly share to those who's in need.
Like your Dad and my Mom.
I do hope and pray that they both will soon be home. For Dad Golden I pray night and day for his salvation.
And I am expecting an answer soon.
God bless you.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...You are such a kind and caring person. I think that you must know that Dad Golden has been put into this position so that he has no other person to turn to other than the Lord, Himself and I will have to be patient and wait too.
He is not even interested in reading the newspaper anymore and that is something in itself. He does not want a TV in his hospital room either to kill the time so I think that God knows exactly what He is doing!
Yes Amrita is a caring person and so many other like Miss Patty and Sue sand Wess and everybody else have been such a comfort...Love Terry

Amrita said...

Thank you for posting the picture of our roses and for your kind words. i really don 't deserve any and i am truely humbled. Its you who are my God sent angels, jewels and precious friends and so much more. We are thousands of miles apart but so close to each other in God 's Sopirit. How the Spirit of God breaks down barriers and brings people toether.

Praying for Dad Golden. Did the doctors check his kidneys.My Dad had low blood pressure problem because of kidney trouble.
Get well soon Dad

Maggie Ann said...

Dear Terry, I hope Dad Golden will be able to get home soon. Troubles come and I hope will go soon. The Lord bless you! sorry I haven't gotten over to visit for a long time. My online time is very limited now compared to what it used to be. And,would you mind telling Sabine that I don't have a password to her blog. At least the last time I tried to comment it wouldn't let me. Well, I'm off to bed,a good thing on a bitter cold night like this. I'm staying up extra late to come visiting but its so nice....=) to be here for a few minutes.