Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dad Golden in The Hospital

Yesterday morning a 4 am Dad Golden fell and mom had to call for a ambulance.
We spent the day in emergency where the blood test and heart test showed the doctor that Dad had a very low blood pressure and so it was decided that he should be admitted to the hospital to see what is causing it.
Now Dad could have been prescribed one too many pills at the Hamilton Hospital in regards to his fluids.
He is already on a blood pressure pill and also a water pill, so the doctor is going to see if this third one is one too many.
After spending the whole day in the hospital until about eight at night, I was a little too tired to come to the computer other than to read all the loving prayers said for my dad, and I do appreciate this because I could feel, during the whole day the calming affect they had on both me and my dad.
He is usually so impatient and hard to deal with when waiting in the hospital,I must tell you.
All in all, yesterday went all right.
When there was finally an available room, the nurses took him upstairs and there he was given a large private room and a comfortable bed....and supper!
Bernie and I went to his drugstore and got a copy of all the pills that Dad is taking and when they should be taken.
We gave this to the nurse who then will give it to the doctor to study and hopefully, with all of this straitened out, Dad will be feeling a lot better and will not be getting dizzy and falling.
When I phoned the hospital at six this morning, they informed me that Dad had spent a good night ..sleeping.
And when I phoned again at ten, they said he was having a good morning.
I am kind of thankful that the visiting hours don't start until two.
This gives me a chance to write this update.
Thanking you all again....Love Terry

PS Mom Golden is staying at Betty's. I really don't want to take her to see Dad because she is so weak lately and I really think that she would pick up a germ or two if I took her to the hospital.


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
though I have much to do with my own Mom being in hospital for more than two weeks now, you and Dad Golden are always in my dreams. I am so awaiting for the good news.
Yours Felisol

Pat said...

It's so important to have all of Dad Golden's medications working properly with one another - that was great that you and Bernie got the list for the Doctors. I continue to pray for you that God will strengthen you as you care for your parents and that your Dad would grow stronger every day. Keep Mom away from those germs - we don't need her coming down with something too!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hugs Terry,


Julie (Little Missionary)

Amrita said...

Been think about you. Glad to head dad is doing better. You are such good caring family. God bless you and take care.

Amrita said...

Dear Terry I 've got a bouquet of roses for Dad Golden on my blog.
Love, Amrita