Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dad Golden's Birthday...Part Two

well here i am, the other daniel in grampa golden's family.
somehow i and uncle eric and aunt marie were left out of the grandchildren report and so my auntie is letting me be the master of ceremonies here.
she is a day late! something about being too tired which i do not understand at all. after all she and my uncle bernie have no kids to run after like my mom gail and dad ross on earth could she possibly be tired?
anyway here is the beginning of grampa golden's story and i want to wish him a very happy belated birthday!
hi uncle eric and aunt marie! you are in good company!

aunt terry and uncle bernie who are very close with their money decided even though grampa's birthday was on a thursday, they would put grampa's congratulations in the friday see in this southern ontario city, everybody gets a free paper on a friday. thousands of more people would see it.
the reason she is in the picture with grampa is because she was too tired to go down town and so she just scanned the picture over and they made the mistake of including her in the picture.. she was sooooo embarrassed!

grampa cecil wallace golden was born november 12, 1926 in st catharines, ontario.

this is a picture of his mama, my great gramma elizabeth golden.
this is the school that grampa golden attended.

grampa is sitting here in front of gramma goldens wall of fame..
i am sure that i am in there somewhere!
aunt terry took pictures of the pictures on this wall and used them for this post!

grampa golden was a fire fighter for the royal canadian air force and we are all so proud of him!

grampa married my beautiful gramma golden on july 26, 1947.
everybody thinks that my mom gail looks like gramma...she is so pretty!

here is the wedding party. the little blond flower girl is gramma's sister, my great aunt barbara who looks a whole lot like my aunt sandra.

this is a photo of gramma and grampa's on their 60th anniversary.

ha!..were my aunt betty and aunt terry really children in the olden days?

now the next several pictures are the few whole family ones that my aunts and uncles were in. i imagine that it was very difficult to get such a big family together in one spot at one time....very, very difficult if you want my opinion!

and here are the weddings!

here are six of my aunts and uncles at one wedding...the bride is aunt terry, the groom is uncle bernie, and then there is aunt betty the maid of honour, my uncle gary, the best man, uncle teddy a grooms man, and aunt karen, the flower girl.
it really seems that my golden relatives stick together!

the pretty blond girl here in the pink bridesmaid dress is my aunt sandra[my favouite aunt].
this is uncle john's and aunt betty's wedding.

this is a family portrait.
my uncle teddy was not in it for some reason but that is alright because aunt grace's future husband, eric is there.

here is grampa and gramma golden at uncle gary's and aunt debbie's wedding.

i do not see this aunt and uncle too much because they live in the united states in iowa!
anyway this is my uncle teddy and my aunt lois.

ah finally, here is my mom gail at her wedding and this is a complete picture with mom and her whole family of brothers and sisters and grampa and gramma golden.
hey what is the big idea? where is my dad?...not very nice!
i hope that he doesn't see this post!

oh well i will not be a spoil sport grampa golden.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY from daniel and the whole family and MY dad too!!


Jim said...

Happy eighty-three Pop Golden!
Happy Birthday (belated) Pop Golden!
Happy eighty-three Pop Golden!
Happy Birthday (belated) Pop Golden!
Happy eighty-three Pop Golden!
Happy Birthday (belated) Pop Golden!
Happy eighty-three Pop Golden!
Happy Birthday (belated) Pop Golden!
Happy eighty-three Pop Golden!
Happy Birthday (belated) Pop Golden!
Happy eighty-three Pop Golden!
Happy Birthday (belated) Pop Golden!
Happy eighty-three Pop Golden!
Happy Birthday (belated) Pop Golden!
Happy eighty-three Pop Golden!
Happy Birthday (belated) Pop Golden!
Happy eighty-three Pop Golden!
Happy Birthday (belated) Pop Golden!
Mr. Golden, I do hope our birthday was happy and that you will have many, many more. And that you will have a nice year and more nice years to come.

I am proud of Terry and her crew for putting all this on the Internet for you. Isn't she clever!

You are a role model for me now, my dad died two years ago. And I am catching up with you fast. Terry thinks that I am alread 107 or 108 but I am only seven years younger than you.

I know that the girls and Mrs. Golden wish the best for you. They are fine Christian ladies who love you so, so very much.

I also know how badly they would like for you to be a Christian too.

There are a lot of Terry's friends out here in blogland who are also Christian, of which I am one. We all wish and are praying to God that He will speak to you through someone or from your reading the Bible or just being by yourself and feeling Him speak that He, God, wants you to join Him as a Christian.

I am sure that Terry has told you how he sent Jesus to take care of all that for us and for Him. You can believe her and please believe what Jesus has said.

We all love you a very lot and do wish you a nice year and for many, many more.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Thank you for this fabulous family report. I feel I know most of your huge clan in person. Tell David hello and that I love the way he cares for his family.
You are indeed a blessed bunch.
I hope that's the way Dad Golden feels as well.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Terry I can call you your family 'auto-biographer '. You tap away for everyone including Red Riding Hood.

Really enjoyed all the family photos espically the wedding. You look such a beautiful bride.

Oh wow everyone gets a free paper on Fridays...that 's cool.

donna said...

thank you Daniel, Terry for sharing your family and and memories....Happy Birthday Dad Golden...sending you hugs from across the border...

Mrs. Mac said...

Belated Happy Birthday Greetings, Dad Golden. You have a wonderful family (you know that of course). What a time you must all have at get togethers .. I imagine there is lots of food and good times. May the Lord continue to bless you, give you good health, and may you walk with Him, side by side.

Hugs from Idaho's Snow Queen.

Dimple said...

It's wonderful that you have such a fine family tradition. Happy birthday to Dad Golden!

PEA said...

Happy belated Birthday to Dad Golden! Such a beautiful and heartwarming birthday tribute these two posts are. I loved looking at all the pictures and oh wow, some of the styles of clothes brought back so many memories! lol He is no doubt very proud of his family and I wish him all the very best!!! xoxo