Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Sad Fathers Day For Dad Golden

as we do every year, for dad golden's fathers day gift , we put his picture in a happy ad in the tribune.
he loves this but this year both he and the family were quite disappointd because the picture that he requested that we put in was a family picture of him and mom golden and the nine children.
bernie and i did not mind paying extra .
[after all it IS a special occasion!]....and for a week dad golden was waiting for saturday paper and look what they have done.!
they have cut the whole family out around dad golden....he was soooo disappointed and now bernie and i will go first thing in the morning to staighten the newspaper out! They WILL put the right picture in there!

this is the picture that dad golden wanted.
it is a few years old and it is the last whole family photo that we have, as david is now in heaven.

we were at mom and dad golden's apartment today and dad golden seemed so down.
we will try and fix that for him...and then i will put in the fathers day post that i had intended to...even if it is later in the week..i am a little down myself!
love terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
send my best to Dad Golden.
It was more than stupid of the newspaper not to acknowledge that the nine children and his wife are the jewels in Dad Golden's crown. What makes him DAD.
Of course he wanted to be pictured with wonderful family.
I'd demand the paper to print the right one this week, and excuse their sloppy behavior.

I wonder, do you have newspapers on Sundays too?
So many different customs in various countries.
We have father's day in November.
Summer is such a busy time.
I hope you all are fit and well, but somehow, I don't feel sure.
Take care.
From Felisol

Pat said...

I don't blame him one bit for being disappointed! And you and Bernie..gladly paying extra and not geting what you paid for!
I hope they reprint it the way you like, and offer you some compensation in the form of refunding you money!
I'm sure DAd Goldens day was still a good one..with all of his precious family..that's what really counts!

PEA said...

It often makes me wonder what the people working at the newspaper are thinking of when they do things like that! If no one asked to have only his face cropped out of the picture for the article, then why do so?? Of course he wanted that picture of him and his family put on there, they are his life!! I don't blame him for being so disappointed and I do hope you can bring a smile to his face once again:-) I do hope he had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday and that you were all together to celebrate. xoxo

Terry said...

thank you felisol and miss patty and little northern nana for your understanding.
i shouldn't get down so low but when i saw how disappointed dad golden was it just hurt me so much.
he wasn't even able to eat the delicious roast beef dinner that he makes for us every sunday..he was so depressed.
this morning bernie and i went to the tribune and told them that they had made a mistake..and the girl, helen was so great. she is going to put the whole family picture in next saturday. she will leave the writing the same except she will take out "happy fathers day."
i really thought i would have to fight for this but the girl was just so nice..
Ha!...they should be because bernie and i put five happy ads in for mom and dad golden every year...feb 18 mom golden's birthday, may mothers day, june fathers day, july 26[two for the price of one!]anniversary day and then lastly november 14 dad golden's birthday.
and then every year we put a memorial of our dear brother david.

you guys have cheered me so much that now i must visit miss patty to see how she is picking on miss apron, and visit my felisol to see if she has a new ruby tuesday and then i will head up north to visit that little northern nana[pea]
and THEN on to ruby tuesday!
love terry

Trish said...

Miss Terry...I am so happy to see that everything is going to be corrected for Dear Dad Golden! Sorry, that his Fathers Day was disappointing. But, he will be doubly blessed when he is honored
again this Saturday!

Ann said...

Happy Father's Day, we in New Zealand celebrate in Sept.

We have a few mistakes made by the newspaper. After collecting our money, you think they would proof read them. Some mistakes cannot e unmade.

Amrita said...

Happy Father 's Day Dad golden. The pictures are great. Wish they had put in the family one too.