Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farther Along We'll Understand Why

dear deb...i have been enjoying the singing on your blog so much and when i went to you tube for a hymn to post on my weekly sunday post, i saw these two videos of yours and could not resist to put them here!
god bless everyone this lords day morning as you watch and listen to deborah's videos and as you thank the lord for the priceless gift of salvation! terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Night owl and now hopefully sleeping.
I should have known that you were up this late working on your Sunday post.
I like the stepping stone song, with pictures of the author along a bumpy road, supported by her grandchild and husband.
She looks so mild and harmonic, and I can understand that you are promoting her book.
Have a blessed Sunday. Hope you wake up soon enough for your Sunday School driving.
Bestthoughts from Felisol

Sandy said...

Thanking God with you for His
wonderful and priceless gift
of salvation!
Richest Blessings,

Amrita said...

Dear Terry the first song is very dear to my heart.

One day we will understand the mysteries of God. We will know as we are know. Wha t joy. God is keeping Hi s secrets closely gaurded till then. When the right times comes all the jigsaw puzzle pieces will fit together.

Deborah said...

Hi Terry, We had such a busy weekend that I haven't been around visiting. This was so nice of you to post my tribute to Dad and my book video!
Farther Along was my Dad's favorite hymn, and I recorded it many years ago with my daughter Dana, so I thought it was fitting to use on the slide show. The other song is another favorite of Dad's, by Gordon Jensen.
The song on the book promo video is just the first verse of a song I wrote, Stepping Stones. It was recorded by a friend from church, Terry Neufeld.

Terry said...

oh that's great deborah
i am glad you didn't mind me posting these videos.
wasn't gorden jenson on some of the gaither homecoming videos deb?
he was the only canadian there in that big group.
you and your daughter did a lovely job of the singing! terry