Monday, June 21, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Graduation Party For Amy
betty and john's daughter, amy graduated this week from niagara college.
she is now a professional web- page designer!

amy worked very hard in college and did her best and we are proud of her!
now most children would rather be celebrating with their friends at a time like this but amy has always been a family girl and so she wanted to be celebrate with the clan!

her teacher was very pleased with amy.
and so was her mom, betty.
and her big sister, rachel!
i am not a big fan of nail polish but i sure wished that amy had worn red nail polish.
is red polish in style these days?

now THIS is one of the reasons amy wanted to celebrate at home. she knew that for this most special occassion her auntie would be making a huge pan of scalloped potatoes!

our friend, leona who is also part of the golden family made a veggie tray, with lots of red in it!

big john cut up a huge i love that ruby red!

and yummy! subs to go with the veggies
here is the cake that her family bought for amy and she seems really pleased!
a 2010 graduate!

i think that amy cut the first piece of cake for her dad and uncle bernie was not too far behind.
Now here are some of the invited guests..
aunt gracie and uncle bernie have their heads into the computer.
amy's big brother matthew[scat-mat] favoured the ruby tuesday post with a bright red t-shirt. scat-mat has always been my boy!
the doggies were all invited and they got plenty of holding.
leona's hubby, doug loves this little guy, and just look at the red collar!
little john sitting on a pink flowered couch gives the little white doggie some loving.

until big sister rachel grabs the little guy.
oh yes! the black kitty joined the crowd..big john is reading an archie book at his baby daughter's graduation party!

betty and leona are taking a breather. it is much harder now for all of us older folk to keep up with the excitement!
for sure and it was a very slow night for me...i only managed to take 150 pictures...very, very slow night!

now sweet amy, enjoy your piece of cake! ...and never listen to anyone who tells you that you can't have your cake and the icing too because you have hard work to do but your auntie terry and uncle bernie are so proud of you and we know that you will succeed just as your sister, rachel has and your brothers, little john, ryan and matthew!....happy aunt terry


Andrea said...

Congratulations AMY! Awesome!!

akumangkok said...

Isn't it great to be featured in your aunt's blog for your graduation?

Congratulations to the graduate, Amy.


Jim said...

Congratulations to Amy!
She's so smart now!
Congratulations to Amy!
Congratulations to Amy!
Congratulations to Amy!
Congratulations to Amy!
Congratulations to Amy!
Congratulations to Amy!
Congratulations to Amy!
Congratulations to Amy!
She's so smart now!

You guys know how to celebrate. That is good. The food looked extra special.

Terry, you are a very good daughter. Too bad they missed on Pop Golden's picture. Of course he is centered on his beautiful family and not himself.

You have a nice holiday. Ours is about four weeks, it will be the 2010 European Holiday. Karen has been in London now for four weeks but she came home last week end for Father's day. And to light a fire under her hubby, Billy. Their visa's aren't ready yet!

Happy RT! Yours was excellent. Thanks for peeking in on mine,

HOOTIN' ANNI said...


My Ruby Tuesday is "Skipping Rocks" - a sculpture. Come by to view if you have time today.


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I just love your family gatherings.
They are huge and will also create some great memories for further generations.
Amy looks like a wise and nice girl who has chosen the best part.
Blessings to you all
from Felisol

reg said...

wow Congrats, I may need her services!!!! it is so nice to see pics of your family enjoying another success. As always the pics are perfect and the story follows wonderfully.
That little Sunny Sikora is paying attention!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on her achievment it sure does sounds like a delicious celebration

Dimple said...

Hi Terry,
Wish Amy congrats from me! I feel like I'm getting to know your family even tho there's so many miles in between!


Amrita said...

Congratulations to Amy. May God guide you r every footstep as you move onwards inn life. May His grace and favor rest upon you sweet child of God.

Terry the warmth and togetherness of your family drew me to your blog I have to tell you. I love the family times you all have.

Makes me wanna cry because I miss mine and we had plenty of times like these when all were here.

May God bless each and everyone of you, and I am not forgetting the little doggies.

Again I must say the Canadians slice their water melons to perfection. I am impressed.

Crown of Beauty said...

I just love this post, Terry, with all the fun, the food, and the doggies (and cat)!

Glad I scrolled down a bit to read it.

COngratulations to Amy!