Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day To My Dad

it is rather late and so i will continue this post tomorrow about dad golden!

this song if for my dad...
the lord is still looking for him.
oh if only he would be found!


oma aka meme said...

praying for your dear old dad- I know the Lord is waiting and watching for him- praying for you and yours as you pray for him.
hugs Meme

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Happy Father's Day to Dad Golden!!

May he always be thankful for all the blessings in his life... ESPECIALLY his family who loves him.

God Bless you all!! :D

Felisol said...

Dear Dad Golden,
You are precious.
To Terry, Bernie, all of your children, grandchildren and great grand children.
To your wife through ups and downs all these years; the beautiful Mom Golden.
I've learned to love you just as I was loosing my own father.
You have been in my prayers ever since.
I call you my prayerchild, 'cause you have this unique place in my heart.

I know a father is supposed to get gifts on his Father's Day.
I also know that you have done every thing in your power to help and provide for your large family.

I just hope you will accept the greatest gift of all;
Peace, healing and salvation from Him who is The Father and provider for everyone who will accept him.

There is no right or wrong church where you can become His Child.
It's a matter between you and Our Lord, and it's got to take place in your heart.
The rest is easy.
The rest is up to you.
God bless this special Father's Day
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Happy Father 's Day Dad Golden. We love you

Terry said...

dear ones. meme, amelia, felisol and amrita....thank you so much for your comment.
i showed dad golden the post on mom golden's lap top today and then i read him each comments.
it was very hard for me not ot burst out into tears because you all had such good words, but i stuck to it and he listened to every word and listened a little to the song too.
thank you very very much and thank you for your prayers for dad terry

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Father's Day to Dad Golden. God bless you all.

Jim said...

Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

We all appreciate you so much. Terry and Bernie seem to love you very much and I have enjoyed knowing all I have read here about you.

May God bless you on your birthday and may you have a very nice whole next year as He continues to bless you.

Happy Birthday to Dad Golden!
BTW, I don't think Terry ever, ever, told your age.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi dear Terry,
Please come over to my June 21 post, I have something for you there.

Ron said...

TO : Dad Golden,

I wish you a very happy belated father's day , you derserve it ! I didn't get on the computer much yesterday --all the phone calls from kids around the world [ Iraq - New York - Hiwaii - Cairo ] and going to church were great yesterday ! I wish you lived close enough to just drive over and eat a couple of apples sitting in the swing on the porch and I could get the girls to bring you a fresh bowl of upside down blueberry pie with some Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and then since its so hot {110degrees } you could help me count all the lightered knots running across the yard hunting a shade tree ? Didn't get many gifts - didn't want any - but I was blessed at our church services and all the phone calls full of love and promises they will visit before the end of summer and two little ladies that are filling a void in my life that God gave me to take care of ? Hadn't never met you in person but I do want to share Gods love with you and pray for that day in eternity where we can sit down and enjoy all them good things I mentioned above plus unmeasured others and the aches and pains we share will be gone !
Didn't mean to ramble on so much but it seems to me that all I have heard about you I feel as I have know you for years ! Praying for you and Mom Golden and rest of family !

Grandpaw Ron.

Barb said...

Hi Terry,
Oh, I'm really ashamed that I'm so far behind on keeping in touch with all my blogging friends! Thank you for all the wonderful comments you left on all my posts. You're so thoughtful.

My prayers are with Dad Golden and all of your family. I wish I could sit with you over a cup of tea and listen to all your childhood memories!

Keep well.

Love you,