Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Fast Food And Ruby Tuesday Friends


although it was warm today, i could feel the chill and so here i am wearing my faithful red jacket which blends in perfectly with the little red car.
the three of us...bernie. the little red car and i are heading to harvey's on this beautiful sunny ruby tuesday afternoon.

the little red car has become dreadfully spoiled these days, insisting that it be parked in the prettiest place where is is bordered with the garden of red wood chips and also close enough to keep a good eye on us!
it wants to show off the four new shoes that we had to purchase for it, as it will be driving us out to my beloved manitoba in four weeks

this inside picture with the topsy turvey red chairs, looks out on to the little red car and you can see the golden arches in the distance.
if you look carefully you can see the inside- out harvey's emblems pasted on the windows.

this ruby tuesday friend whose name is bobby brings bernie two or three cases of bee pollen twice a year, which bernie says has made a real big difference in his health!
he has been taking it for several years now.
grampa yade always buys a case too.

john, here is a very special friend to us and we were really glad to meet him today at an area plaza.
we had a little chat with him as he was waiting for his wife, shirley who was doing a little shopping.
the little red car thought that it would be a good idea to take john's picture with it and bernie in the background.
i told john that i would feature him on the ruby tuesday post.
he, unfortunately doesn't have a computer but i gave him the blog address to give to his son.

now it would not seem right if we left his wife, shirley out of the picture and because we had to leave before we saw her, i looked her up in my computer where we have several pictures of her and her husband.
john is a teacher and shirley is an artist.
john has been retired for several years now and he and his wife are always together.
you never see one without the other.
i have put them here on the bridge that is in downtown welland.
they are truly welland sweethearts!
do you notice shirley's gorgeous auburn hair?

now here is one of my best ruby tuesday friends, mom golden.
she is still trying to learn the lap top.
unfortunately she has come down with shingles and is in some pain.
she wanted me to find her some information about this painful condition and she seems very interested indeed!

my dad has always been my friend.
he phones every day, seven days a week, at exactly seven am and i am always glad to talk to him even if it is only for two minutes.
his sons and daughters all phoned him to wish him a happy fathers day.we eight children feel very blessed that he is still in our lives!

now THIS is a suitcase that i swiped from felisol's ruby tuesday post. she and her beloved husband, gunnar and their lovely daughter who is a princess have traveled to many places together but i am asking her, "what about coming to canada, eh?...isn't it about time?"

if you ever decide to come felisol, lake ontario will give you one fantastic red sun set to take home with you!
and should you decide to visit my beloved manitoba, man! would you ever see some wonderful sunrises AND sunsets THERE!


happy ruby tuesday everybody and blessings to you all and to our beloved teach, mary t


Mar said...

That's the cutest red car!! lovely post for the theme.
Happy RT!

Greyscale Territory said...

Incredible, interesting collection of red photos!

DrillerAA09 said...

Very well done. There are some great Ruby Tuesday photos here.

Hootin' Anni said...

This looks just like MY car! Even the color of the interior.

Love the sunset.

This is my first time I participated in Ruby Tuesday. Mary kept hinting that I join in...today I got a chance to do some ruby red. Come on over if you can find some time. Happy Tuesday.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
A wonderful Ruby Report.
You sure put down a lot of work for your Ruby Tuesdays.
I'd love to see the sun over lake Ontario.
I think Mom Golden is tougher than even her daughter, at her age taking up diving on the internet.
Hope she'll be getting well real soon.
She's got a lot of good life energy left.
So does Dad Golden. That is fidelity, phoning your child every day at the same time.
He must love you more than he is able to tell.
Happy Manitobian vacation to you and Bernie.
Hugs from Felisol

byhisgracealone said...

lots of lively red photos.....Mom Golden is quite a spunky lady learning the computer and all....hugs to all...


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Red jacket, red car—
glorious day of scarlet
this Ruby Tuesday!

Jim said...

Hi Terry, this is really a nice RT posting. Happy RT.
I am sooooooo sorry about your previous post. I read it right this morning, I sure did think the poster you made said Happy Birthday.
Well, I hope Pop Golden had a nice Father's Day. I am sure he did with all his nice family. Still I can say 'I hope.' I also will try to catch him in November for his birthday. :-)
I am not posting for a while. I always say that and may do a little post before Thursday.
My first priority is to get prepared for teaching my Sunday school lesson this Sunday.
For diversion I will read blogs for a while when I take a break with my work.

Trish said...

Miss Terry...I am looking forward to seeing your beloved Manitoba! I know that you will post lots of pics for us to see! Pray that you and your Bernie have a wonderful time!

P.s. I know that little red car is set to go...seems she's always up for an adventure!

oma aka meme said...

I want those shoes even if I have to send Dogman to come and get them--LOL
speaking of dogman - here is his P.S. to his sins:
I am sure that he(Dogman) laughs at every thing I say to him and everything I do too- the funny part is that I have taking to talking
to him rather than the wall as he wags his tail and the wall just stands there--LOL-he seems to be sporty today
even though he chewed the P letter in my scrabble game- sigh- he is just like a two year old- I told him to go
chase his tail----I can still use the letter but it is certainly missing parts- at least I know it is the P as he did not suck off the letter--(haha)
I think he has dogtimers as he is over 80 according to his vet.

Dianne said...

I love your red car and you look lovely in it

wonderful sunset photo

Amrita said...

Now you should call the car Red Riding Hood.

My Dad naed his tiny 2d\door car that.We enjoyed rides in it.He also called it Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as it was vintage and stopped in the middle of the road cooking up some silly fault.
Once we were returning from a New Year 's Eve mid-night prayer meeting and its dash board caught fire, everyone tumbled out as Papa doused the fire and then we started back home.
Guuess your Red does not misbehave like that.

Too sorry for Mom 's shingles, hope she gets welll soon.

Terry said...

oh no amrita!
why did you tell me a story like that?
ha....don't you realize that in a few weeks the little red car will be driving a few thousand miles to take us out west and back home again....it had better behave itself, it surely had!!!
love terry

Crown of Beauty said...

My dear friend, Terry...
This is one such happy joyful post, as all your posts actually are.

One of these days, I might come up with a "cup of cheer and joy" award, and you will be at the top of my list!

Thanks for all the stories you post with the pictures. Lovely red wood chips, reliable little red car, red plastic chairs, and what lovely pictures of you and bernie, your dad and mom, and the suitcase borrowed from felisol's blog... the manitoba sunset... can't have enough of these sunrise sunset pics!

Anonymous said...

It is my first message here, so I would like to say hallo to all of you! It is uncommonly comfort to join your community!