Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday Shool Teacher Mr. Jim

does this happy man look like he will be teaching sunday school tomorrow?
well listen to his story!

mr. jim says wednesday, june 24th

I had a nuclear stress test and a peripheral vascular scan (ultrasound) test and was waiting for the bad news from my cardiologist. It was nice they put windows in those little visiting areas, the ones with the little lay down table put there you can be poked and kneaded by the doc.

News wasn't real good, I will go in St. Lukes Hospital tomorrow for a heart catheterization again. I am prepared for a new stent or two and possibly a roto-rooter procedure in a few tight spots or to clean out a plugged up stent.

friday post, june 25th
The morning was typical hurry and wait. We had to come early in case the first patient did not show.

From here I would go to the prep room and wait until they took me away just a little after 10:00 . Thank goodness Tim, Karen, Billy, BP, and Mrs. Jim were there to keep me company during my wait.

I was 70% blocked in the artery that they stented, same as the one to my kidney that they will stent. Much more and I might have been hurting. The blockage was in this one before but only about 30% so they didn't stent it then.

Thought you might like to see how happy I looked in bed.

I had to lay flat on my back with my legs straight out for eight hours after they closed the incision in my upper leg. That was where they threaded the stent and stent guiding wires that would fish their way up to my heart.

It has been a long week and a long two days. I am teaching Sunday school this Sunday but worked my lesson pretty well up before I went to Houston.

God bless you mr. jim.
you are a faithful man!
this song is for you! bernie and terry


oma aka meme said...

wow- and to think I have a hard time getting when the teen kids keep me up too late.............
praying for him- God bless him. hugs from Meme

Felisol said...

dear terry ,
thanks for keeping us updated on mr.jim.
let's praise the lord for being with him so far and for jim being so faithful to his sunday school service.
from felisol

Crown of Beauty said...

Praise God for Mr Jim's faithfulness.

Thank you for sharing, dear Terry. The story of stents and heart catetherization for blocked arteries, that's a very familiar one for me. My dear Ernie went through that in January 2007...

Well, Mr Jim still has an assignment to fulfill here on earth.

And I do pray the Lord's best on you and Bernie this day.


Saija said...

just catching up on Terry's blog ... :o)

you know i just loved the pic of you in the red car with your red coat - on another posting!

and wouldn't that be neat if felisol came to visit? then we'd have to have a "blog party"... ya!

blessings on ya!

Mrs. Mac said...

I am kept busy for two weeks and come over here to find all kinds of news. Wishing Mr. Jim a speedy recovery. He certainly is well organized to get his Sunday School lesson prepped ahead of the surgery. A good and faithful servant is he!

You've been 'swiping' pics and turning them into some lovely art, Miss Terry :) But that sunset in your Ruby Tuesday post is a prize of your own, indeed.

Hugs from? I think I need a new nickname since lilac season is over ... and the winter is a distant memory ... Let's see? ...... what can you come up with now???

ron said...

Hi Mr Jim.

Thinking about you and all the things you are going through makes my aches and pains seem like nothing ? May God continue to bless you and keep you under His watchful eye . Praying for you !

Grandpaw Ron.

Jim said...

Thank you Terry, for 'spilling the beans' over here, thank you all Terry's friends for your support and prayers, and 'thank you Lord, ...' I do like that song, it is one of my favorites!

I did teach the class today. I really don't teach much here, this class is age 70 and above. They teach me quite often. But I do prepare the lesson and we have some very nice discussions.

Teaching is very likely my talent that the Lord has given me. Most of my working life I taught and/or trained on my jobs. And more likely than not I was teaching in Sunday school wherever I was. I know there are much better teachers but I do enjoy what I do.

Thank you again, Terry, you are so nice. And so keen on picking up on things we all are doing.

maryt/theteach said...

Oh Terri, I didn't know about Jim! I'm glad he's alright! I'm going over to his blog right now and wishing him the best! :)