Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary Wishes Oct 26 2008

We wish for you a very happy day Sara and your sweetheart too!...God bless you......Love Bernie and Terry


audrey` said...

Happy Anniversary to the happy couple =)

Pat said...

Awww....there's my kids!
This is so sweet, thank you for remembering their special day!

Terry said...

Yeh Miss Patty...These kids of yours ARE pretty special!
They are worth remembering and you are worth remembering too!!
Love Terry

Hey Audrey..What were you doing up so late for??.You are getting as bad as me!..

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
came over to look for Ruby Tuesday, and found this wonderful greeting.
You sure are the Queen of special greetings, and from your heart you know how to make people feel loved.
Thanks for your gift, and my best to the lucky couple.
From Felisol

Sara said...

oh my goodness! and ricky ricardo to sing to us no's perfection! thank you miss terry!