Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Vera Lynn

This is Vera Lynn's, Donna's little granddaughter's favourite song!


Terry said...

Dear Donna and Vera Lynn.
After you listen to the favourite song, you can click on the bottom and listen to some more good ones by these cute kids!...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
Vera loves to visit you and listen to your songs....Thank you so much for posting this....I will show it to her in the morning....she will be smiling for sure...

she also loves to listen to the CD's Bernie made for her....today we listened to #62...Mrs. Peter Rabbit...


audrey` said...

Great young talent =)

Take care, Terry.

Nellie said...

Hi Terry,
Such a delightful way to start the day by listening to this. Thanks so much for sharing.
Love, B;-)

Amrita said...

Ppp they sang it so sweetly.
The recording engineer was the greatest.

Jim said...

Hi Kids, isn't that Terry talented too!

Terry thank you for your visit and wishes. The Internet here is too slow for videos to play and make sense with the words. It comes in bits and pieces.

This is the last work day, we will have a pizza party tonight and go touristing one day Friday, then home Saturday. Time goes soo fast here when you are trying to get so much done.

Again, thank you so very much,