Saturday, October 25, 2008

Georgian Dog In A Cold Autumn Sunset

Princess, daughter of Grandpaw Ron has come for a visit to Southern Ontario and is going to be very busy helping Shopper write out invitations to send to the Blogger pets for a visit. It has been almost two years since they have all been together. As Mr. and Mrs. Jim will be going to Guatemala, Adi will be free to round up everybody and has already offered to fly them all over. There will be a few new friends joining them for this visit.
They will have to wait until Monday though to be posted as tomorrow it is Miss Sara's anniversary and Sunday's post will belong to her!
Besides Adi will be running a little late as she and Katrin and Amber must make the trip over to India to pick up Amrita's kid, Sheeba!
Amazing grace man, don't you be too worried about Princess because as I have already told you, Shopper's daddy Bernie and I have got quite a large supply of canned sour apple sauce to feed her as well as several bags of frozen carrots and cans of cat treats. There will be no catering to her as you do! Fresh golden granny smith apples indeed and fresh peaches!!! You really do spoil that girl RRBJ!
Well I must bid you adieu for now as I strongly suspect that Princess and Shopper are snooping about looking for those fresh raspberries I have hidden in the fridge!! Way to expensive this time of year to be wasting them on those Blogger Pets!!
PS Princess has asked Shopper to sing a welcome song to the visiting pets who are coming from all parts of the globe, eh?
All in all, it will be a happy but busy time!!!...............Love from Bernie and Terry and Shopping News


audrey` said...

Have a blessed time, Terry =)

Sandra said...

hola me llamo sandra y vivo en espaƱa estoy haciendo un trabajo del cole asi que te voy a dar mi blog
yo tambien soy fanatica de los animales.

Terry said...

Dear Sandra...Thank you for your visit. I have looked in google for the trasnlation of your comment and I am going to paste it here so I will remember...Thank you!..Love Terry

hi my name is Sandra and I live in spain am doing a job of school so I will give my blog
I also am a fan of animals