Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One Special Ruby Tuesday Tree

Visit this site at your own risk. http://workofthepoet.blogspot.com/
It IS a lovely one but it will take your time!!
Trust me!
I know!
And trust me!
I am really glad that Felisol from the far side of the sea asked me to check it out!
For you see! I have come to love it and the people that I have met because of it!
Some old friends like Felisol, Mr. Jim, Sue Sioux, and Donna and Amrita, and Mrs. Mac.
And some new friends like The Teach, herself, Greyscale,Gattina, Raven, Askew, Gayle, Dianne, and "Just Me"!

This bright Monday morning, Bernie and I decided to go to another local store, NOT to shop but to take some pictures.
It just seems that the prettiest autumn trees are hanging around the shopping centres!
Every Fall we visit one special tree that never fails to bring us delight
I think it is the reddest tree that we have ever seen!
On our way from the little red car, we stopped to talk to a lad who has been our paper boy for at least seven years.
He was dog-sitting for lady who had to to into the store.
I noticed the bright red trim on his grey jacket and told him, "Stand right there Paper Boy, and you too Mr. Shirkie!
And then I snapped this first picture for the Teach and her Ruby Tuesday
The little black doggie with his white slippers made a nice
touch to the photo.

"Well there she is Bernie! Our friend for years, the red tree.
Too bad we don't know what her name is, eh?"
I took the first picture from a little distance.
Bernie said that it would be nice to photograph the tree as we got closer and closer to its beauty.
So this first picture had a nice green trim around it

A few steps further and the little leaves were like miniature hand waves rippling on a sunny day,
Beckoning us to come closer,
And yet closer,
Right into its heart where among the crimson branches we saw the reddish orange berries!
Food fit for the royalist of the birds!
Here I stand feeling very privileged beside the gorgeous tree! And here stands Bernie, dressed in blue, making a nice contrast.
I think that the lack of a smile on Bernardo's face is because of the fact that he knows that in two short hours, he must leave this pretty sight and the sunshiny day and go into work!

On our way back to the little red car, we met the mommy of the little black dog with the white slippers.
She told us that her doggie's name is Nikki!
We took this last picture because not only were they a cute couple, but I just adore red brick wherever it be: on a building, on a fireplace or on a floor!


Jim said...

Hi Terry, you are indeed RED today! I sure am glad Bernie likes your taking pictures, did he know this was for today?

Anonymous said...

Very red!! and extremely fitting for Ruby Tuesday :)

Amrita said...

Really enjoyed this colourful post. Both of you look so good in front of the red tree.

Reading your posts and looking at the pictures me feel I am right there beside you.

This evening I went to the shopping place and there was an elephant walking the street, right in the middle of heavy traffic, if only i had my camera.

Mrs. Mac said...

Let me take my sun glasses off now so I can visit with you. Boy, your reds are REALLY RUBY RED today Miss Terry. And imagine, that 'Bernardo' fello is always tagging along with you! He will have a smile on his face come payday, eh?? ;) ... enjoyed your beautiful part of the Northern Hemisphere!

Hugs from the North Woods (south of you of course ;)

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
once you take up on a task; you give your entire heart to the job.
Nice meeting your "dog-sitting" news paper boy. He seemed to be pleased as well.
Bet you made a new friend, no- two,Nikki and Nikki's Mom.
If you ask Bobbie from Hawaii, I'm sure she can tell you the name of this wonderful red leaved bush.
Also glad you have sensed the wonderful qualities of Gattina, Raven and Dianne.
Indeed; Ruby Tuesday is lots of fun and lots of learning.
My best to Bernie, he's made you looking swell and vice versa.
From Felisol

Dianne said...

what a great post!!

the tree is absolutely gorgeous but what I really love is all your warm comments and how kind you are to everyone

I am very glad that we have become blogging buddies :)

Grandma Faith said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday! I like how you said the puppy had on white slippers. Very poetic!

audrey` said...

Hi Terry

The leaves are so nice and red =)

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Hi Terry, Beautiful pictures!! There is a type of tree/bush that gets as red as the ones in your pictures in the fall, and is nick-named "the burning bush".