Monday, October 01, 2007

Thank You Felisol And Serina

Dear Dad Golden,
We're thinking of you,
Felisol and Serina.


Terry said...

Dear Felisol and Serina.
I was so happy to receive this picture of Dad Golden.
I have printed it out already and I am taking it over to Dad's now...
Thank you for the word of God that you placed there.
God will bless his Word!......Love Terry

PS..Dad goes to Hamiltion this Wednesday, not for the operation as we thought he was having but for the pre-op to see what the doctors need to know about his anaesthetic procedure before the operation..

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
praying is a many splendor thing.
Today I realized that I've always been praying with a kind of awe concerning Dad Golden's salvation.
Now I praying with strong expectations of hearing good news!
Love Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Dear Miss Terry,

Our hope is in the Lord for your Dad's salvation. May his eyes and heart be opened to receive his free gift of salvation.

I've witnessed many seasoned senior citizens come to the Lord ... it is with prayer and hope we wait for your dad to join the fold.

Have a blessed week.

Terry said...

Thanks so much Mrs. Mac!!
Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Shirkie,
What was that about "where is LPP when you need her?"???? I know, it's not fair, I'm reading your posts and comments, while you can't read what I think or am going is tough! Yesterday I had a really hard day...I called up my best friend at work (she works at a Christian book store) to ask her to pray for my dad especially...I hate to see him working while he is running a fever...and yesterday was one of those days that I had every odd job to do on the SAME day...I wrote a Thanksgiving article for the newspaper, then delivered envelopes for my grandparents who were out of them, took my dog for a short walk, ate and ran out the door to clean at the neighbor's for 2 hrs, came home and ate, ran out the door to walk the neighbor's dog (thank God she only wanted a 30 min. walk!), and came home and cleaned, ran out to my grandparents to take them to the bank, the grocery store, and back to their home, and came back home to make the salad for dinner...sat down throughly exhausted!!! I felt like I walked all over my neigborhood all day long...which did :) Thank God for my good friend who is there when I need her, and for Jesus, who is ALWAYS there when I need HIm...and when I need the strength to go!

With all that, I prayed for Mr. Golden all day long, and also for the Pilgrim.

I will never forget you, so don't think I will ;)

Love as always,
Your friend forever,

gramma_s said...

The picture of Dad Golden about made me cry. How lonely a life is without Christ. But, Christ loves us so much that he doesn't give up on us, but He does His part by gently calling us. I'm praying that Dad Golden will answer His call.

By being deternined to leave a comment again, I had to click on Gramma_s on the comment I left on Mrs. Mac site, that opened my blogger account, then I opened your comment, Opened your site and was trying to leave a comment, and discovered your comment section comes up behind your post, so I pull your post down, and lo and behold Here I am. You can't hide from me forever. :-)
Have you tried to open my xanga account. That is where I post most often.

Back to the most important subject, be assured that I'm still praying for Dad Golden.