Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Green Green Grass Of Home For Mrs Mac

Dear Mrs.Mac...I was making this post especially for you when you were commenting on my previous post.
Yesterday Bernie and I went for a drive to take these nice fresh green pictures for you.
The Autumn has forgotten that those leaves on the trees should not only have changed their color by now, but should already be covering the green, green grass of home with a multi-colored wall to wall carpet!!

The little red car is thoroughly savouring the mild weather!

Long Live The Spring!!


Mrs. Mac said...

Oh my, Miss Terry ... Do I sense a wee bit of smugness in your post??;) You savoring spring ... yet in the fall ... all the whilst I'm sooooooooooooooo much enjoying leisurely walks about town, crunching beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves, smelling the scent of wood stoves keeping people toasty warm. Your time will come ... then I shall request pictures of you and that Bernie fellow raking leaves please (a wee smug smile) Love, smooches, and kisses from your autumn struck Ideeho friend.

Terry said...

Ha!!! I sure AM feeling smug!!
But no, you know better than that Mrs. Mac..that Susan gets my pretty autumn leaves.
YOU will have to wait until winter [if it ever COMES] and then I will send you another snow carving!!!
Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Ahh, Miss Terry, Last year's snow carving was classic! Can't wait to see how you top that (great big smile)

Jim said...

Ok, you two. We are having summer here, every day this week has or will have been in the 90s.

No read or yellow leaves yet, that will come in November or December.

Our oak tree and holly tree stay green all winter. In Houston the grass stays green, but it turns brown most years up here, about January or so.

Doesn't that Feliso do good with the pictures now. I was glad she quoted Psalm 139, now I know where her blog name came from. Irregardless of the "b" word in her URL.

I pray for Pop G a lot. For his procedure, but even more for his salvation.

You can delete the next comment.



Jim said...

My next comment:

I used to go visiting for our church every Monday night before we moved up here.
We must have visited together for twenty years or more, I learned so much from that man.

My visiting partner was an older man who died at age 99. He had Parkinson's disease and talked very shakey (every thing about him was shakey) but we understood each other very well.
He would go dear hunting in his ninety's and kill his deer, shaking and all.

One day (he was probably about 92 then) we visited an old friend of his and lately then, mine.

This friend said he didn't need to be saved, he believed God would save him as he was good and didn't sin.

Brother Ray (my friend) asked him if he believed in God. He said yes, of course. He just didn't need to accept the Lord Jesus to save him.

Brother Ray then asked him if he believed the Bible was true. He said yes, it was true.

Then Brother Ray asked him if he disobeyed or disagreed with something in the Bible, was that a sin. The friend said said, yes, sure.

Brother Ray asked if telling a lie was a sin. Of course was the answer.

Then Brother Ray showed him Romans 3:23, "... all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God..." and said to him: "See you said you didn't sin, you believe in the Bible, yet you said you didn't sin."

"There is a lie here, either you really don't believe the Bible when you said you didn't sin or you lied about not sinning or you lied about saying the Bible is true."

I'm not sure what got to the friend but he accepted Jesus that night. He asked Jesus for forgiveness and promised to obey Him. And of course, the Bible that he had obeyed almost all before, he WAS a good man.

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss Terry...good gracious...where oh where are the lovely fall colors? You are spoiling my image of Canada in the fall.

You are forcing my hand to pay Mr Fisher a visit just to satisfy my autumn wishes.

Green...is good for spring and summer too...but fall, that's a different story.

Felisol said...

DEar Terry,
what a lovely garden with birch tree and so very neat and tidy.
And green.
Our trees barely have leaves left,
the heather blossoms and Gunnar is about to finish hedge cutting for this year(!)
I've never really wanted to move over to the American continent, but just now I feel a little envious about your green fall, and hot weather.
No use in complaining, though.
It's early morning in Norway and I have had a quiet moment and been praying for Dad Golden. Hope all turns out well today.
Yours Felisol