Thursday, May 17, 2007

Safe Trip Home Princess!

Well Ron...I am finally sending Princess home to Georgia, home to her daddy!
I was going to send her, like I told you on Monday but she wanted to be in a family picture at Gramma and Grampa Golden's on Sunday.
I have just now developed the picture and will stuff it into her suitcase.
Please know that I have also packed her fresh carrot sticks and a few golden delicious apples but I am afraid that they will be confiscated at the border as they do not allow veggies or fruits over to the States from Canada!
Just be prepared to feed her when she arrives home tomorrow morning.
She will be travelling by herself because Sioux Sue's kids had to leave yesterday,
It was all they could stand, because they wanted to get home for the anniversary cake before their dad Raf ate it all up!!
Princess has paid our cell phone bill in full so you can just tell that Judge Judy that she can go fly a kite!!
Let me know that the princess has arrived safely and don't believe any wild stories she has about how mean we were to her,
If you ask me, she is just spoiled rotten, but I guess you aren't asking me, eh?......From your Canadian friends, Bernie, Terry and Shopper...


Sue Seibert said...

I'm sure Princess will have a great trip home. Glad she got to have one more photo op before she left Canada.

Miss Turtle snuck in this morning before Jakie and Gussie were up and ate most of the cake that was left. I think she's figuring to get a little more meat on her skinny bones. The boys are now sleeping peacefully, but that Turtle is out on the town. Guess she had to tell her friends all about her visit to Canada!

Sweet dreams to you all...night.

Terry said...

Yeh Sioux... It is way too bad about poor Turtle losing all that weight!
I am glad that she got the rest of the cake!
Maybe Jake and Gus can clean up the crumbs tomorrow after the lazy bones get up!..Ha!!
Don't tell that Ron but Princess was actually a nice little visitor even though she DID run our phone bill up talking to her Uncle Brett!

Have a good night my friend...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Good Morning SiouxSue And Terry . I just got a phone call from a cell phone that said unkown number from Princess explaining some problems with a layover somewhere and she has to hide to be able to talk to me . I didn't get all the specifics but she would tell me later about where she got the phone from ? I'm glad you told SiouxSue not to tell me anything about Princess but I already knew she would be a good visitor cause I didn't believe them bad things you were saying about her the other day anyway ? Judge Judy said that you had better be careful what you said about her because you might have to visist the U.S.A. ONE DAY ? Blessings . Ron.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not rude, but you guys (and gals) have got to be the funniest buch I ever saw when it comes to your pets...what imaginations you have! I may be an animal lover/caretaker/feeder/litter-cleaner/socializer/and everything in between, but the things you write are beyond my limited imagination when it comes to furry friends.
Mrs. S...About your comment on the Sabres win, I really didn't think that the Sens would sweep them, and I felt I'd listened to a great game when it ended. Of course, I didn't pray the Sens would lose, but I have a bit of kindness in my heart for Buffalo. There are some nice people there...not everyone, of course, it is NEW YORK after all, where some people are SO RUDE! Well, I think I recall someone saying that drivers in Montreal are really rude, too...hmmm, could that be true??? (laugh) Of course it is so...but I like Montreal a million times more than any place in NY.

Unknown said...

Thanks Terry:-)


Terry said...

Hi Hebrews11:1
Yes, I guess we are a bit crazy when it comes to our pets but it is lots of fun!
Although that Ron rrbj sure does take everything so serious like.
He didn't mind Princess coming over for a visit but we had to cater to her..carrot sticks and golden delicious apples indeed!! AND at a specfic time of the day!
Nothin' doing!
She was fed canned carrots and apple sauce the first two weeks but the last few days has dined on bread and water!

I think that our little Montreal girl will get a kick out of this story.

No I certainly do not think you are rude or anything like that..

I am told that if a person can drive in Welland, they can drive ANYWHERE!!
We have the worst drivers in Canada![your's truly included]

Like I said, I have never met an unkind Amercan yet, Hebrews11:1..New York included!

I have a niece who lives in Montreal and the pictures that she has sent to me sure made me realize how beautiful a city it is!

Take care little Pilgrim Pal....From Terry

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs S.,
Thank you for writing me back. Here's another silly question: WHO is Judge Judy?! I'm still (patiently) waiting for the story on Shopping News' name :)

That is so cool that you have a niece that lives in Montreal...whereabouts, do you know? It is a nice place, but I have found it very spiritually dead as compared to the churches and Christians in the U.S. Actually, at the conference I was at Sunday night the speaker said the he had felt the same thing about Canada 3 years ago when he toured it, but he believes that there is an awakening now. I pray it is so. I have never met Christians or been to churches in Canada outside of QC, but I pray for our country every day...

The The Little Pilgrim Pal

I like the name "Boss" for the Pilgrim, but if he likes boss, then so be it!

Terry said...

Dear Hebrews 11:1.
So you want to hear how Shopping News got his name, eh?
Well almost a couple of years ago, my freind, Helen from "Occupy Till I Come" kindly put the story into her site.
You can read it by clicking on to her site[on my favorite links] and clicking on "Literary" and than choose "Pets".
The Story if Shopper is second on the list I think..

You don't have to thank me for writing you back!
How ELSE could I write you except from my own blog, Mr. Anonymous Pilgrim Pal!?

The little Montreal girl will love Helen's site.
There are tons of stories about cats and dogs!
She could even send a story in and I am sure that Helen would print it for her!

I am not sure what part of Montreal my little niece goes to but I will find out.
She is 14 years old and goes to a private school.

Cheerio for now little Pilgrim Pal!...from Terry

For sure and the Pilgrim Fisher is still the boss!!

donna said...

Does this mean that you do you do not like us wee people from NY....I shall pray for positive news on this question.


Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

This really is funny. You guys all make me laugh! Thanks for the grins!

Anonymous said...

UH OH! Did I just get myself in trouble, here?!!! Donna asked if that means I don't like people from NY...well, I have some very good friends in NY, including my little sister's best friends. OUCH! I did not mean that ALL people in New York are rude, just SOME. I am not a prejudicial person, nor do I judge people by where they are from. Please forgive me, Donna, if I offended you. Why are you "wee people" in NY, anyway? I have to say that I love the Yankee accent...but then again I like all accents.

Mrs S....I will show my sister the site if she has a free moment over the weekend (she is working now--something I should be doing instead of typing here). As for the remark about writing me back, I have to say, I do not see myself having a blog for several years yet. I will probably open a web site for my work sooner than have a blog. Of course, I can't see myself sharing that site info with my blog buddies, as I manage my own business (family-owned). My brother and sister who love your blog, keep saying that they are sure one day we'll all meet. I sure hope so...a few years down the line, at least. Oh, right, my brother had a question, where are you in your family's birth order? He guessed at first you were the oldest, and I said, no I don't think so. And also, how old do you think my little sis is? I mean, the one who writes here (I have more than one, but they are all younger than me!). She loves the name you've given her.

Gotta run now, and stop wasting time while I've got the house to myself!

Terry said...

Hebrews 11:1
Just on my way out.
Will write when I get back.
Taking Mom out to he nursing home to see her sister, my aunt.
I am second oldest.[Betty first].
Little Montreal girl about 19?
Gotta run...from Pilgrim Pal Terry

Ha!! You ARE in trouble!!
You better speak to that wee New Yorken girl! Ha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Luch break!

I DID check in with that New Yorker...If I had an "I Love New York" t-shirt, I'd wear it today. C'mon, I don't even have an "I love Montreal" shirt!

Hope you have a great time with your family.

(You're close on my sister's age, but she's a tad bit younger).

Anonymous said...

Terrible spelling...I meant Lunch break...

Anonymous said...

So you wrote me a little bit on the Pilgrim's...and you beat me big time in writing a comment...I was just enjoying the post game interviews on CBC for a change (we rarely get to watch it), and I thought I'd go write on Pilgrim's when it went to ad break. And you posted it before me! We still haven't figured out who scored, because they did so while we were on our way downstairs from the radio to the TV. My little sister was wearing red and black, and is now sniffling...go figure! And now she just said that I'm bad after I typed that...go figure!

A laughing, joyful Pilgrim Pal

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Miss Terry,
I cracked up when I saw Bernie's burnt muffins from McDonalds. Those poor cooks that have to serve him toast :) I forgot to get a picture before we ate dinner tonight ... but maybe I'll go down and get one of the youngin's playing the game "Trouble". Little Jacob is cooing in his crib as I type this comment. We got our hi-speed connection this afternoon, now I can view your pictures :)