Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good News From God For Dad And Max


jel said...


very cool pictures

rrbj said...

Pretty picture Terry and your Dad looks as if thats a favorite spot ! Blessings Ron.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Beautiful photo to start the day!
I just finished going through most of my blog stops, and wondered why did you say that the Pilgrim Pals name is just "okay"? Do you have a better name in mind? Don't take me seriously, I'm just teasing...all my friends know that about me :)
Did you know the Senators won last night? WOW! I was praying so hard for them, when the 3rd period ended, I was ready to slip off to sleep, but was amazed that they won! I still can't believe it.

Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice...Phil. 4:4

Blessings on your day,
Little Pigrim Pal

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. S.,
I just HAVE to write you again...this is so funny!

I read the Pilgrim's blog this morning, and didn't comment. But then I rememebered a verse when I was mulling over the words of the blog, so I went down to the computer, and seeing as nobody had commented yet, I typed up the verse, typed up a lil note, and enetered it. As usual, it rejected it the first time, so I had to re-type those security letters...but guess who's comment was on the left side of the page now?! So, you beat me by a few seconds, not that it matters, but I was laughing...and it is such a strange thought, that at the same time as I am reading, someone somewhere else is, too! I just want to shout, "Hi, there!" at this computer monitor, who will stare blankly back at my silliness.

I also saw your comment on a previous post, which I missed before I posted here on the Sens' win. Hey, did the Boss forget to tell us about it, or is the best yet to come?! :)

God bless you!

Saija said...

so glad your pop is at home! ya! blessings on ya!

Pat said...

What a sweet picture - he looks so happy to be home!

Karen said...

Hi Terry- It looks like a beautiful day in Canada and your father seems to really be enjoying it!

We have had quite nice weather in Houston, but don't get me wrong.... it is already mighty hot! I spoke with our Calgary office today and it seems as if things are starting to come around weather wise for them also.

Oh, that Adi and Amber are mighty crazy! They both reverted back to their old and spoiled ways! I might have to blog on that.... they write the definition for rebelling!

Have a great day!

Arlene said...

Your dad looks so content! Good for him. Most people never find that!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Good afternoon, Mrs. S.,

Have you been on the Good Report lately? They posted a great poem yesterday. I look forward to being able to jump to their blog from your list!

What is the weather like there? It seems like it is rainy and dreary both here and in the Pilgrim's town...of course his blog is cheery as usual ;-)

Have a blessed day in the Lord,
the little Pigrim pal

SiouxSue said...

Hi, Terry. What a wonderful photo. Glad to hear you got a good report. Keep me posted, please.

Turtle and the boys got home just fine. She's asleep on Raf's arm as we speak! They said that had a wonderful Canadian holiday!

prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

Hi Pilgrim Pal Mrs. Shirkie!!
I promised I would tell why I'm a bit of a Sabres fan, so here it is.
Several years ago when comeing back from a family vacation we met 3 US soldiers at the hotel while eating breakfast.They were Sabres fans, and very nice men. They sat at a table next to ours and we were thrilled to be so close to these special men. I enjoyed the conversation about THEIR Sabres and was very impresed by the manners of the one named Chris.
He and I reached the juice dispenser at the same time. I stood back to let him go first because we were taught to respect soldiers, he told me to go ahead, I said for him to go first. To which he responded " No Honey, you go." Needless to say I was impresed by his manners you don't often find such mannerly people.
There, you have it. I've never forgotten these gentlemen. Ever since I've been a bit of a Sabres fan and cheer for them ;D .
Did you here the song on WGR Three more cheers for Ottawa??

Felisol said...

Dearest Terry,
how nice to see your father, he's looking so well and contented. "At peace with God and his neighbours ," as Johanna Spyri wrote about Heidi's grandpa.
I thank you for your prayers. My parents and I have needed them lately, and probably shall continue to do. Our problems have seeemed to be immence, but God's power is keeping us strong from day to day. I can fully sign the words of Paul, "when I'm weak, then I'm strong."
Please, let's continue to pray for each other.
Your friend Fel
P.S: I shall probably be offline for some days, but prayers are wireless.

Terry said...

Hello little Montreal girl..
I have been thinking about your comment all evening, even at the prayer meeting!
This is such a touching story.
You know what though?
I have never met an American yet who wasn't kind.
I just love them and it is always a joy for Bernie and I to meet them whenever we go to the States.
Those three Sabre hockey players, I guess were no exception, eh?
I hope you got their autographs!

Visit again you little Buffalo Sabres fan and prayingsensfan!..Love Terry

PS.. Yeh!I heard a part of the song!!
Is it a good one petite Montreal Pilgrim Pal?

Terry said...

Yes Hebrews 11:1...I DID go to "The Good Reporters" site as you suggested.
It is such a good site, eh?
I discoverd them on Glenys "Musings of a Christian Wife" blog and I am so happy that I did!
I am glad that you are enjoying it too.

I heard the bad news about the Senators as soon as I got home from Prayer meeting.
Bernie told me as soon as I opened the door.
Too bad, eh?

Catch you later!! From your Pilgrim Pal Terry

Glenys Hicks said...

That was a lovely picture/verse for your Dad and my Max. Thanks so much for posting that. I will be praying for your Dad too.



prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

Dear Mrs. S
They wern't Sabres players, they were US soldiers that were Sabres fans! No I didn't get their autographs though I regret not doing so.
And last night I was praying for the Sabres to win. I was telling the Sens to be nice to the Sabres players.( Yes, I talk to the players. Like they can really hear me. I know I'm strange. ;D )


Noel said...

Hi Terry,
This is such a beautiful picture I couldn't help but comment. Hope you and your family are having a wonderful day. Thank God to you for the inspiration you bring to me.

susanwalkergirl said...

Dear Terry...my kindred spirit. I love that picture of your dad. I continue to pray for his salvation.