Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Dad Golden


it is officialy fathers day in southern ontario and so i am wishing to dad golden a very happy one!
the pretty girl in the picture is my sister gail..she brought a birthday cake down for dad in november when dad golden turned 84...gail comes from new market, just outside of toronto..she and her three boys and our sister, sandra will be coming down for fathers day,,,there will be quite an apartment full because gracie will be there too and possibly our baby sister karen and dad golden's eldest, betty.
gail and dad golden have a special relationship...every morning dad golden does the jumble puzzle from the toronto star in welland and every morning gail does the jumble puzzle from the toronto star in new market...and every morning at nine o'clock, dad golden phones gail and compares answers...they are both very good at it!
i really don't think that gail will like this picture but that s too bad..i think she is cute and also it made dad golden very happy!
bernie and i always put a bible verse in the happy ad because dad golden is not saved yet..i am praying that this verse is a good jim was saved hearing this verse.
well i had better sign this post off now, as it is getting pretty late.
i will have to set the alarm for three in the morning. i have in the oven a wack of cabbage rolls which i am baking for dad golden's fathers day dinner...usually dad golden cooks the sunday dinner but i am giving him the day off!
that bernie fellow does not get the day off though...every sunday he washes the dishes and THIS sunday is no different..hahhahaha

have a blessed lords day and a happy fathers terry


Felisol said...

Dear Dad Golden,
A very happy Father's Day to you this Sunday.
I pray all your children gather to celebrate you.
You must be and should be proud to father such a wonderful flock.

Since you are my prayerchild, dad Golden, I feel allowed to send a hug across the sea to salute you.
The very best wishes from Felisol/Norway

Diane said...

Happy Father's Day to Dad Golden!

Many hugs...........


Amrita said...

Happy Father 's Day Dad Golden.

You hav e such a warm and loving family. They all are your treaqsure trive.

My prayer fo r you is that you may find yourself close to th e heart of our Heavenly Father who loves you deaqrly.

Amrita said...

dear Terry sorry I am typing this in darkness - no lights, so I made all these typos

Cyndi Lacefield said...

Hello beautiful sister ! I am just stopping in to show you some love . BLESSINGS to you and Dad Golden. Love Cyndi