Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Teach Mary


today is teach mary's special day...her birthday!.. and we just wish her a very happy one!
she can eat all the cake that she wants!...ordered in fresh from google images!


and then tomorrow, may 26th is teach mary's third anniversary...three years that she created ruby tuesday and three years that she has gathered hundreds of friends.
i thank you beloved teach for allowing me to participate on your tuesday is a real treat!......happy birthday and happy anniversary at the same time! bernie and terry

happy spring to you mary...these are like some of the pictures you take and so i thought i would put this video in!


Amrita said...

Happy birthday Mary

Felisol said...

Happy birthday, Teach Mary. Thanks to both you and my bestest Terry, for always making efforts to spread joy and sunshine all around.
From Felisol