Thursday, May 26, 2011

Felisol..Here is Bernie's SPECIAL Birthday Cake!

ha!! so, wanted to see the birthday cake that i had in ordered for bernie's birthday...

well it WAS nice when google delivered it but oh my!...those 62 candles set it afire!!!

i will see what i can do when i make the birthday post tonight! terry


Felisol said...

Ha ha. I'm having a good laugh, but I doubt that cake is edible any longer.
Hope you have got a fire extinguisher near by for the next edition.

Terry said...

what do YOU THINK felisol....after all your prayer child, dad golden IS a fireman,eh?

Felisol said...

Oh, yes, I know about Dad Golden, but I'm not that convinced you are an obedient daughter.
I mean, how, did you manage to get all those light cracking up. Gunpowder??
Next time try baking soda.
Now I am really looking forwards to see if you can bake a cake. I know i cannot.
I am, however, very good at buying.

Linda Jackson (Brown Shoe) said...

What fun! Happy birthday! :)

Amrita said...

Oh my this is some cake. Bernie you are special

Becky said...


Trish said...

Miss crack me up! My Tomer will turn 62 this I know to have the fire extinguisher ready. Ha!
Happy Birthday Bernie!