Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Lord Is In The Midst

for the last two weeks the christians from the welland gospel hall have been having special gospel meetings.
they are very important meetings where the two visiting preachers have been preaching their hearts out about the good news of the forgiveness of god to lost sinners who are walking the broad way, they are using the "two roads and two destinies chart" as their guide.
this is one of the many, many inivitations given to the community.

the two preachers made a surprise visit to see bernie and me and we so enjoyed having them.
in fact a few days later bernie and these two went to have a coffee at tim hortens' and left ME behind..ha! bernie is not used to going out with the boys!
anyways when they popped in that first day, they had to pay the price..they had to let me take a picture of them before bernie and i would let them out of the door!

they also paid dad golden a few visits and i really think that dad golden appreciated it..he has been coming home earlier and doesn't seem to want to avoid them.

here is the chairs arranged for the gospel meetings.
for this week it is bernie's and my turn to clean the hall and so we make sure that everything is clean and tidy for the evening meeting. i am very bad at arranging chairs, and just do not have the even eye for it but nobody seems to be complaining!

we took advantage of this week and decided to do the spring cleaning of the hall. bernie is cleaning the ceiling lights, dusting out any bugs that have made their home there with the dust!

from the ceiling to the floor.
now bernie is doing some vacuuming

as for me, i have the easy "sitting down" job of washing the little sunday school chairs.this particular class are the three and four year old children who are in aunt janice's class.

one last window to clean and now bernie is going to do his last job.

and that is the task if arranging the chairs in a circle for the lord's day morning breaking of the bread meeting of the christians where the lord is surely in the midst!

we have his word for it!

have a blessed lord's terry


reg said...

What a wonderful set of pictures and a really nice church building as well.You guys look like you are having way too much fun cleaning. I have a big house that needs doing!!! just kidding. I like that Quote "The Lord is in the Midst". As it should be.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I'm so grateful to have a blogsister with a burning heart and a willing mind.
Martha & Maria in one.
Thank you for sharing great spiritual events with the rest of us.
I pray extra for Dad Golden, that he may enter the open gate now.
I can understand his reluctance, haven't we all felt it, but now is the time to make a change.
He'll be surprised over how easy it is.
Just say a simple yes, that's all. Jesus has done the rest.
Praying for the Sunday meeting.

susanwalkergirl said...

Oh sweet good to see your look quite lovely! Praying that one day soon Dad Golden will be my brother in Christ.

Blessings my sweet friend! Susan

♥ Kathy said...

That is awesome! Y'all did a great job!

Amrita said...

May God bless the gospel meetings Terry. So happy Dad Golden is going and he met the speakers.

You two did a super job cleaning the hall and rooms.
The place looks so nice and welcoming.

I would like to know if your church is Brethren in Christ or Mennonite?

Constance said...

Those Preachers don't realize how lucky they are! They might have had their picture made while wearing Miss Scarf or Miss Apron!!!!

Have a wonderful week!

Trish said...

What a blessing that you and Bernie
are! Doing so much, that wasn't expected... you did it, because you have servant's hearts!!! Praying for Dad Golden and his acceptance of these 2 fine men. Before, we know it, Dad Golden will be right there in the midst...worshiping the Lord with his family. We will all rejoice Miss Terry!

Jim said...

Thank you, Terry, for this piece. It meant a lot to me. I can just see Pop visiting with those two preachers.
God has all kinds of messengers for all kinds of people. One of my sons was saved when a visiting preacher who had once played professional football came to their church. Before that Mike could not see any reason why he needed to make a profession of faith.
Mike was and is a good guy. But that isn't enough, we can't be good enough. It takes the realization that rejecting Jesus, God's Son and gift to us, is the only sin that can send one to Hell.
That is until Jesus is accepted then he will forgive that sin of rejection if we ask.

As always, I will be praying for Pop Golden that he may accept Jesus as the gift that God has for him.