Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Medium Black Car On A Ruby Tuesday Day


the little red car was not expecting company this week, but company she got, in the shape of a medium sized black vehicle, carrying two nieces.

that monster of a car parked right behind her, hiding much of her shiny red coat.

there was rachel's little sister, amy with the tiniest light red streak on her bright green shirt.

and in the trunk, already was a pile of red junk on its way to goodwill[hmm...it sure doesn't look like junk to me!]

"rachel" said uncle bernie, "i want to see what your trunk looks like," and soooo....

into the trunk that girl hopped!

"now what does the inside look like"?

hmmm....some nice stereo set with amy's music on...lively notes that silences the twittering of the singing birds.

here is rachel looking at the ruby coloured GMC decal, and her own reflection gazes back at uncle bernie..that guy wants to investigate the engine!

and here it is!
nice and simple!

well here is a group picture of the big blue sunday school van, the little red car[who's nose is all out of joint AGAIN!] and the medium black car, the newest member of the family.

well queen rachel and the princess bid their farewells as they pull out of the driveway.

"and it is none too soon", grumbles the little red car!

happy ruby tuesday everyone, even you little red car!
god bless.........love terry


Manang Kim said...

The red car on the driveway is eye catching but the most eye catching is the new one!!! ^_^ Happy Tuesday!


Dimple said...

Cute! I'm glad the little red car didn't have to be jealous very long!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
In my opinion A car should be either black or red; no other options.
It must be considered a bargain to meet both a red and a black beauty at the same time.
A true token of excellent taste.

Black beauty's elegant red details are a genuine combination of true colors!!!
One's just got to love your report and the peopleinvolved.

Mr. Bernie sure would like a new car for Sunday school transportation.
Your niece better take care!

Marice said...

wow looks like Rachel had so much fun! :)

u may view mine too here

♥ Kathy said...

How cute you are Terry :) That was fun! And I don't think that looks like junk either! Happy Ruby Tuesday sweetheart ♥

Constance said...

It sounds like the little red car has some envy issues, not wanting any one to steal her thunder!!

Amrita said...

Nice pf the gals to drop by and visit.

Your family - warm posts are great to read.
Thanks for your email and prayers.

Mrs. Mac said...

... little Red Car was probably just a bit envious of that 'new car smell' ... although, I've read that that smell is not really good for you;) .. Little Red Car and that Bernie Fellow are such good sports! That shiny black car with the red trim ... are the same as my old high school's colors. Back in the day when I was on the drill team and marched with the band;)

Hugs ..

Deb said...

I should think that I need to get in on this Ruby Tuesday stuff. Surely, I could find plenty of ruby red to photograph in and around this house! And I don't know, do you think that the little red car may have been a tad jealous of the new black car? ...perhaps the little red car was afraid of turning GREEN! Green with envy, that is! Anyway...I decided that it's high time I get myself back into the FULL swing of blogging...look out!

Jim said...

Surprise, surprise! I am not sure though, that little red car appreciated her company. The girls probably, but for sure not the black (new) car. I think if it were my eleven-year-old BLACK Mustang she would not be one bit jealous.

Happy RT, Terry. Thank you for peeking in on mine. I think I only answered comments and perhaps 'found' Carletta before she 'found' mine. Like you, I owe her a lot. Most times I get here and to 'Norway' without being visited. I've just been very busy. I may post my week again Sunday.

I have heard George Beverly Shea in person when I was in El Paso way back and probably here when Billy Graham came to Houston. This was a nice song.

reg said...

That was a huge amount of fun to read. The little Red Car is so cute. If you visit me this summer the Little Red Car will have the whole drive way to her self.