Monday, April 19, 2010


thirty nine years ago in the month of march, bernie was visiting dad and mom golden when they lived in st catharines in this house.[before the family moved to welland].

yes the ottawa boy was just visiting!

and here is how the time mostly went.

bernie was following that dad golden all over the they were just leaving dad's mother's house, my gramma golden.

judging by the smile on bernie's face, he had enjoyed the visit.

PG" border=0>still following behind dad golden, bernie makes his way to the car.

A>it looks like big teddy is in the front passenger side and so bernie slips into the back seat.

alas rosey red picutres from this black and white camera scene!


l_UiAfs/s400/6+IMG_0924.JPG" border=0>one day ago in the month of april dad golden left his apartment to go the the hospital for an xray.he is smiling widely because....

THIS time he is the one that will be following..following none other than his son in law of 38 years!

yes, here the two of them are, marching toward the hospital,

and into the hsopital doors they go! dad golden is walking closely behing that guy in the suspenders....until luck of luck..

dad golden is hidden from our view, but look at the colour of the door he is behind...for sure and it is a ruby red one!

judging by his big smile, bernie seems quite happy to be sitting in the waiting room which was chuck full of ruby red chairs!

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