Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Followers



39 years ago, bernie came to st catharines to visit mom and dad golden to this house[this was before the family moved to welland].

yes! that ottawa boy came south for a visit and HERE is how it went!

bernie took to dad golden right away and everywhere that dad golden went, that boy was sure to go! here he is following dad golden out from my gramma golden's house. judging by the wide smile bernie is wearing, it seems that bernie was quite happy about the visit.

here he is following his hero to the car.

it looks like big ted is occupying the front passenger seat and so bernie slips into the back one.

alas! alas!...there are no ruby reds in these blacks and whites!...the good old days of browny 620 cameras!


one day ago in the month of april dad golden had to go to the hospital for xrays.
here he is waiting at his apartment in welland[this was years after the family moved from st catherines to welland]....he looks very happy because....

he is now the guy that is doing the following!...here he walks closely behind his son-in-law.

yes the welland boy with the black suspenders is leading dad golden.

right to the hospital door...and they both walk right on in!

we lose sight of dad golden as he goes though a door with a pretty nurse...and wonder of wonders...look!..it is a ruby red door!!

here is bernie and judging by his wide smile, he seems to be very happy sitting in the waiting room that is just chuck full of ruby chairs and ruby doors!

dad golden's xrays are completed and he follows bernie again..i must say that dad golden is following a little farther away this time behind that speedy bernie!

who has ducked behind a hall way and is almost out of sight...what a nice rosy glow the wall makes on the shiny floor!

ah! there he is and how nice! there is a nurse in ruby coloured pants...the photographer who is just as tired as dad golden just HAS to snap a picture!...and so there she does.

well! 39 years later there is dad golden following is now son-in-law to HIS car!...a pretty little red car..."red riding hood".

it is a long walk!

but dad golden finally gets there.

and so does the camera..it seems that dad golden is occupying the front passenger seat and so the weary photographer slips into the back one...but

not until she has snapped another ruby tuesday photo of a red sweatered lady!...snap!

"home james", says dad golden and so off we go!

no looking back!

happy ruby tuesday everybody...god bless you..love terry


❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Great Ruby Post ! Great story with pics !

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Your Ruby Tuesdays are my favorite. You always find an entire story to tell, and you do it so well.
The life long story of Bernie and Dad Golden, following each other,I think this is the best. Each picture tells a story of life long love, affection and fidelity.
I'm serious; you must make a book.
I'll be the first to buy a copy.
From yours Felisol

♥ Kathy said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday sweetheart ♥ That was such a fun trip from back then to now. I hope the hospital visit showed good results. You all have been in my prayers every night! Love you, Kathy

Trish said...

I agree with Felisol..what a wonderful, heartwarming story of Bernie and Dad Golden. Love the photo's! And I will buy the second copy of your book!

reg said...

What a great story followed by the pictures. I just loved it. Wow nicely done there Terry

Constance said...

I'm a sucker for old photos! I enjoy looking at them and even though times ravages us all, we can still look at them and see ourselves in those faces! Life comes fukl circle. One day we're leading the next we are being led!

Carole Burant said...

Hi Terry:-)

I was in your neck of the woods these last few days!! Next time I'm up there, I must get in touch with you and we could meet at Timmies:-) If you have a chance, go see the post I did about our weekend and no doubt you will recognize quite a few places!

You always make such fun Ruby Tuesday posts and how nice of the hospital and passing strangers to be wearing ruby colours! hehe Such a delightful story about Bernie and Dad Golden as well...the roles have reversed but they still look happy:-) xoxo

akumangkok said...

This is a good one, Terry!
I love the way u started it with pics from back then; and followed it with the hospital visit of now.
Great job!

reg said...

Terry I must have done something wrong. I made a comment. Any way I just love the old pictures of your family. The house is so cool. I love that style.
Any way What a great story line with pictures that is awesome. I meant to post for Ruby Tuesday but I was not successful. :(. O well next week I will do it till I get it right

Amrita said...

This is such an endearing post Terry. A warm and full relationship between 2 men.

Reminds me of my Dad and Prem (my BIL) They were also like this.

I like youe nice clean hospital. Our Christian hospitals are like this