Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr. Jim Is The Ruby Tuesday Birthday Boy!
go and see mary the teach at ruby tuesday!

mr. jim..

although it is not october 30 yet, i have decided to wish mr. jim a very happy birthday and to at least send him this cake that i googled from the internet..ruby red it surely is! the reason for this early celebration is because that mr. and mrs. jim are planning on going away again.
last year he left adi and the family high and dry, were away for the big day and had the nerve to eat cake and ice-ream while adi, katrin and amber had to chew on dry crusts of bread!
maybe this year, mr. jim will have a heart and at least give them a piece of cake

this is mr. jim's beautiful family and i am sure that they will be wishing their husband, their brother and their dad and their grampa a very happy day...a day before halloween he will be celebrating his 108th birthday!

his little grandchild wants a piece of the action....she is giving her grampa one funny look!

the little red car wanted to get a piece of the action too and just wanted to show mr. jim how much he was every bit as good as the red ford mr. jim was admiring a few weeks back on teach's ruby tuesday...the nerve of that guy and yet the little red car, the boss and bernie would like to wish him a great day!

mr. jim...i was without my camera today and it would have been a shame, but bernie had his little phone camera and so he took you some nice autumn pictures for your birthday...ever since bernie saw what great pictures that felisol took with her phone camera, he has used fact that is why he bought one! here he found you a little bit of ruby red leaves.

the reflection of this lovely gold on the welland canal is just choice!

i think in this picture there is the faintest glimmer of a squirrel but i think you might have to click the picture and make it larger.

oh! there is a piece of the little red car, looking down the line of trees along the canal.

bernie wanted you to have a picture of a duck mr. jim...very, very peaceful and still the water and the duck were!

now mr. and mrs. jim if you ever come to welland and drive down main street, this is what you will see....our welland bridge!

although the bridge does not raise anymore, as the canal has been rerouted to the other side of town, the citizens love the history that it has. some are really trying to have a restaurant built on it and if that be the case, i just know that you and mrs. jim would love to travel to welland to try out that restaurant....i just know you would!.......well my friend have a very happy birthday and a happy ruby tuesday to you and when you go away, please don't forget where you live and come back home! terry, bernie and the fat cat......god bless you and your whole family.


Jim said...

Oh Boy! I get to be first to comment if I hurry. Thank you so much, Terry, this must have taken days to put together.
Thank you. The song and the cake are special, I like all the scenes.
Are the pictures really mine?
Thanks, ((((HUGS))))

Jim said...

I saw, I came, I like!
I saw your name just go on to Mr. Linky.
I came to have a look-see.
I was sooooo surprised, I like BIG TIME!
And I got to be the first to comment.
Are the pictures really mine? They are all so pretty, I might have to come to Welland even if they don't make the restaurant.

Happy Ruby Tuesday,

Terry said...

dear mr. jim...of course they are all of yours. bernie took many more but there wasn't room for them all.
you are welcome to come to welland, you and mrs. jim.
do you want me to ask adi and amber to fly you over?
happy birthday and have a good terry

Dimple said...

Hi Terry,
I like this post very much, it is a nice gift for Mr. Jim.
Happy RT to you, and Happy Birthday to Mr. Jim!

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Terry: We're Ruby Tuesday neighbors. Here's to a great Tuesday! Love your photos and all of the happiness it seems to bring you and your family.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday birthday to all the celebrants!

Come and see what I’ve got for Ruby Tuesday

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
What a perfect birthday greeting you have made for most honorable Mr. Jim.
The only thing I miss is a set of golf clubs. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him swing the clubs for a long, long time. He and Adi seem to be satisfied driving around in that fancy golf cart.
I've learned so much from you;newest thing is making google-cakes.
I've been wondering how industrious you have been with all these fancy cakes for each occasion.
I too can manage that, I hope.

Some wonderful Welland foliage pictures. I agree with Bernie, cell phone is a wonderful way to catch the spirit of the day, especially when I'm out hiking.
For indoor use I've little by little advanced to Cannon powershot, point & click.
Next level will be the manual handling.
I love being born, even in my 60th year.
Thanks for a different Ruby Tuesday.
My bet greetings to the Shirkie's and the Golden's.
From Felisol

Terry said...

oh felisol...he sure is one honourable gentleman and i thank the lord that i ever did meet him.
both you and he and many others pray for dad golden's salvation and mr. jim calls him "pops".
he sure is a great guy but don't you dare tell him i told you so!
yes, bernie surely does love the phone camera. you should have seen his mouth open when he looked at the pictures on your blog that were taken with your phone camera!
i love being born too my felisol and i am in my 61st year.
bernie will be retiring in january and people say we will have a boring life but i don't think so.
we have so much to do!!!
take care of your arm and hand dear terry

Nessa said...

Jim was right. A beautiful post.

Sean the Vampire - Part Six - A Halloween Recap

Hootin' Anni said...

Happy birthday Mr. Jim.

Lovely LOVELY autumn photos.

My Ruby Tuesday is big huge LIPS this morning...come by if you can?

Click HERE

donna said...

Hi Terry,

I read this and left real quick, popped over to wish Mr. Jim a Happy Bday and then forgot to come back and say hello to you...I am so forgetful these days... and Bernie do take some lovely camera is broken and my cell phone...well, it's almost as old as doesnt take the best of pics...

thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of your beautiful country....

Amrita said...

Felisol and you the jewels of every Tuesday, Terry.

Happy birhday Grandpa Jim. May the Lord shower his blessings upon you.

You are so good at making these special cards a nd writings.

Today is my Pastor 's bithday. I went to greet him in the eveing and a snack and a sweet with the family.

Stephanie V said...

Beautiful birthday post for RT. Lots of lovely photos.

JunieRose2005 said...


A very nice post and I'm sure Mr Jim loved it!

Oh- and I certainly enjoyed all the autumn pics!!


pinkyshelo said...

Happy Bday to mr. Jim.. The cake is very cute and really Ruby Red.. Nice bday greetings presentation. So nice of you to do that..

nice photos too..

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Jim. May you have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. I love those fantastic photos in your post. They are pure delights in the readers eyes. The happy birthday video of the chipmunks is really hilarious and funny. Thanks for the post my
friend. God bless you always.

Jim said...

Thank you, everyone, for your nice Bithday wishes. Thanks too if you peeked in on my blog. I believe I visited you all in return.

And thank you, Terry. I have been hearing from my family members about your post too. They all like it a lot (of course, who wouldn't?) And it is the nicest birthday on-line wish I have every had.

We are leaving for Central Texas tomorrow evening. You can Google New Braunfels, Texas, to see where we will be Friday and then Waco, Texas, on Saturday.

Tomorrow we will take Katrin to Mitch and Carmen's and Adi to Karen and Billy's. Then we spend the night with KP, Karen, and Billy and leave from there in the morning.

How's that for running away? Thanks again, :-)

Dannelle Rose said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Jim,


I am sorry I am so late! I am actually typing this in between writing three tests for my classes this a hurry, ttyl!

Love and Prayers,
LPP Hebrews 11:1

Jim said...

Thank you, LPP, this is the Happy Birthday song I really like. It is the one you once taught me, right?

And you are not late. My Birthday is tomorrow, the 30th. Ms. Terry put it on Tuesday for her Ruby Tuesday post. Isn't she nice!

I clicked your link. It is nice to have the update and that you are teaching. Do you have a computer test generator that goes with your book? Those made it go easier for me, as long as I could add questions of my own.

Another nice thing about the test generator is that I could make an A and B version, or more, to give each row a different ordered one with still the same questions. When the students know that they then are less apt to try to cheat as they can't find the question they are looking for.

jel said...

sorry i missed your bday Mr. Jim!

hello Sweet T, Bernie :)

Patti said...

Wow, that is quite a birthday tribute to Mr. Jim! 108?? ha ha

Terry, thank you so much for all those comments I woke up to this morning.
I appreciate your visit. Please don't think you are peeking....that's what blogs are for - we all share ourselves and hope other friendly people stop by.

Happy belated Ruby Tuesday ~ I love how that little red car gets its way into so many photos ;-) have a fat cat? I'll be back to see. Must get ready for the day.

Mrs. Mac said...
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Mrs. Mac said...

Like a Timex watch .. Mr. Jim takes a licking (108 yrs) and keeps on ticking. I think that makes him older than (well, I won't say on a family friendly blog ;) But many, many best wishes for Mr. Jim .. now I have to scoot and see where he's taking the Mrs.

Lovely post Miss Terry and Bernie Fellow.