Monday, September 14, 2009

No More Pain Or Tears For Aunt Marion

aunt marion and uncle lloyd loved country music and i was thinking that they surely would of loved this one

i have been thinking of aunt marion all day and knowing that she is in heaven.

i was really touched by sara's comment " this Sunday morning Aunt Marion spends the sabbath finally home. and mrs. mac.."rejoicing with heaven as she is welcomed home."
and trish.."Her eyes can now see the glory of God...what splendor she beholds!"
such a comforting thought that aunt marion is no longer blind...but how we all miss her..
there are no tears in heaven but there are plenty here on earth for her beloved children..kenny, little marion, brucey, eddie, richard, patty and beverly, and all their spouses and all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren and mom golden...and all of us!


passing-thru said...

Have a "peaceful" day Terry -- I know there is much to do with all that will go on this week --

Grace and Peace be MULTIPLIED to U and Bernie -

Amrita said...

Lovely way of remembering Aunt Marion.

She is in the arms of sweet deliverance.
And she has laid her heavy burdens down.

When my Dad went to be with the Lord I also had exactly the same thoughts.
I actually felt quite envious of him being in such a peaceful place free from all burdens.

Deb said...

What a beautiful song - and how true - tears will never stain the streets of that Great City! Jesus will wipe them all away!

...still praying for you and your family!

Pat said...

Some glorious day...we shall behold Him...Oh what a day Aunt Marion had her first day and every day in heaven!!

donna said...

thinking of you today...sending

Jim said...

Terry, your first tribute was so timely. God put her on your mind to prepare YOU for her passing.
As I can see from your writing, your Aunt Marion was already ready. She would be meeting her Lord in person. I am predicting that she found Him just as she knew him in her life!
I am so happy for her and yet so sad for you and Mrs. Golden.
Nice Ruby Post too.