Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Evelyn To Aunt Marion

yesterday when betty told evelyn [gough]chouinard about aunt marion, this is what she had to say of her.

"Oh my goodness, I could not figure it out but she had been on my mind as were the kids over the past couple of weeks. Marion and I have been friends for years and I used to babysit the younger ones years ago. Thank you so much for letting me know.
I wanted to offer my condolences on the loss of such a beautiful lady.She lived to love and had that love returned to her ten fold. The sorrow felt with her passing will be felt by so, so, many as she was a wonderful Mom, Grandmom and Greatgrand mom, a beloved sister to Aunt Edna who loved her so so much,she was an aunt to so many who shared that love. The loss here on earths is heavens gain as her blind eyes looked upon the face of her heavenly father and loved ones gone before. The tears of sorrow shed for her will help to wash away the greaf of this loss. So cry for her as you must and then rejoice at the fact that she was who she was. One who gave her love and lived her life for her family." Love Evelyn

there will be another day of visitation at the funeral home and then on thursday morning the family will say their final good byes to aunt marion at the united church in st catharines.
would you please continue to pray for the children...thank you...love terry


Terry said...

dear evelyn,
these are such sweet words that you have written.
i know that quite often aunt marion would speak well of you and aunt vera.
i guess you surely do know how the children are feeling at this time.
i just wonder what aunt marion and your mama are saying to each other at the "House"....the lord is coming soon and gone will be all of this heart ache and sorrow.
god bless you evelyn....love terry

Ps..dad golden still insists that you are his favourite niece!

oma aka meme said...

gentle hugs with prayer-- God bless you and yours- hugs from Meme

passing-thru said...

What a Great Tribute to your aunt Terry ----

When "others" praise someone -- thats where it really counts

Blessings on U this Wednesday, Terry --

I know that today and tomorrow will be "busy" for U and Bernie --

"Thinking" of YOU

Amrita said...

God bless you all

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I'm thinking of you and praying the Lord to give you strength and comfort in your sorrow.
Also concerned about your mother and Dad Golden.
From Felisol