Friday, September 18, 2009

Aunt Marion's Love Wiil Bind Our Families Together

marion and lloyd horton married in 1949 and had nine children, 26 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren.

edna and cecil golden married in 1947 had nine children, 26 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

best friends and sisters marion[wells] horton, edna[wells] golden and brother-law cecil golden.

aunt marion and mom golden with their baby brother, jim wells.

yes! friends! golden and aunt marion.

aunt marion with her brother-in-law cecil dad golden.

brother-in-laws uncle lloyd horton and cecil dad golden.

our beloved cousins..the hortons.
larry, uncle lloyd, beverly, aunt marion, richard, patty, brucey, kenny, little marion and eddie.

back row..gary, karen, mom golden, terry.
middle row..betty, dad golden, teddy and david.
front row..sandra, gail and gracey

yesterday we said goodbye to aunt marion.
the service was in the united church and although it was a sad occasion, yet it was a celebration. the minister spoke a very comforting message and told the children that aunt marion was out of pain now and because she believed in the lord, she was in heaven. the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren had some very good memories of aunt marion which they told us from the pulpit and they had some really beautiful songs played in dedication to her. one of her granddaughters sang her favourite song "amazing grace" while her cousin accompanied her playing the guitar, and another granddaughter dedicated a grandmother song to her beloved gramma.
the beginning song was "whispering hope" and the beautiful hymn playing as we left the church for the grave yard was, "how great thou art".
the preacher also said that this is a time to remember to never let the family become separated because their mother and grandmother and great grandmother would wish this that they all keep together.
the poem that her daughter-in-law luann[the wife of kenny] was picked by aunt marion a few years back. i am not sure where she got it but i really think it is a nice one..
worth repeating it again here...

poem for children

may you always walk in sunshine
and god's love around you flow.
the happiness you gave me
no one can ever know.
it broke my heart to leave you all,
but i did not go alone;
a part of you went with me,
the day god called me home.
a million times i needed you;
a million times we cried.
if love could have only saved me,
i never would have died. you all, mom and grandmother.

kenny had placed on the coffin the bible that mom golden had given aunt marion fifty years ago.

he is keeping that bible. to him it is a treasure.


Felisol said...

A beautiful epitaph to your aunt Marion.
Also an important message to all of us.
Families should keep together for good and evil days.
The strength of family bonds can never be overestimated.
Peace and love to you all
From Felisol

Jada's Gigi said...

I have a very special aunt like your Aunt Marion, my mother's only sister. she helped to raise me and our families are very close. When she goes it will be like losing a second mother...and she is not well. God grant us a few more years. Bless you and your family at this time of loss.

Amrita said...

Reading this was really so moving for me and touched me deeply Terry , those beautiful photos too so carefully preserved and artistically framed by you.

The Golden-Wells family and cousins shine through.

It must be so hard saying goodbye to a sweet angel like Aunt Marion. I 've been thinking of you all.