Monday, January 12, 2009

One Spoiled Ruby Tuesday Kitty

Mary,our Teach wanted us to take some macro shots for this Ruby Tuesday and after I learned from Betty and Bernie what this meant, I have included a few macro pictures that were taken of Bernie's pride and joy, his ktty, "Shopping News".

This is Shopping News and he has been in some black mood, complaining almost daily that he is being ignored and that his cousin dogs, Furry Fluff and DD and Daisy and Columbo have been getting all the attention with never a mention of his kitty name!

We tried to console him!
Daddy Bernie gave him rides!

I offered him gifts of food, a beautiful fruit salad which he turned up his bent out of shape nose at!

NO! He just would not be comforted. He continued to give me only dirty looks!
For sure and he was trying to put me on a guilt trip!

He looked longingly at the Teach's Ruby Tuesday blog.
I finally relented and told him, "OK, you spoiled and "jealous of your cousins" kitty I will make a post for you!"

"Well, are you going to leave me in this blue laundry basket or are you going to wrap a ruby red robe around me?"

What was a person to do, eh?
I put the ruby red robe on him and told him to smile for the camera.
For sure and that sure is some poor excuse of a smile!

And then he had the nerve to ask for a crown.
Just because DD had been crowned, he wanted one TOO!
So crown him, I did.
I just planted one of my dollar store ruby gloves on his ungrateful head and snapped a macro shot picture of him!
"NOW, he said, "Tell them bloggers my story!"[very bad English King Tut!]
So here it is folks!

Shopper's real name is "Shopping News."--For a reason. . .

One morning when I was about to take my husband, Bernie, to work, I noticed a meowing coming from somewhere in the car. We looked under the hood of the car and nothing. Bernie thought I was just hearing things, so we got into the car and proceeded to drive. As soon as we had driven around the corner, I told Bernie, "I STILL hear it!" We stopped right away at the side of the road, and by this time Bernie heard the same meowing!
Bernie promptly got out and shoved himself under the car. He started to explore. To his amazement he saw a small, skinny tail dangling from just under the muffler. He tried gently to give the tail a pull, with no results. There was nothing to be done, but to give that tail a ruthless yank, and with that mighty pull out came a kitten! Somehow that little jigger had gotten himself on top of the muffler and had been trapped and couldn't get himself out!

Just then a guy that Bernie worked with came by and yelled, "Bernie, you don't drive to work under the car! You get into the car!" With that he told Bernie he would drive him to work, and guess who got stuck looking after that kitten? Well I took him home and stuffed him into the bathroom with a litter box and a dish of food and shut the door. After all, I had a paper route to be delivered that morning. No time to be playing with stray cats! The paper I was delivering was the "Shopping News." Therefore that cat became "Shopping News"—“Shopper” for short, and ever since that day Shopper has been Bernie's boss. And my big black cat, "Sir Galahad" became Shopper’s boss. And as for me? I’m no longer a boss--I have become a referee for the three of them!

PS: Shopping News is now about ten years old and my Sir Galahad died at the ago of 16, two years ago,

© Teresa Shirkie

And now here are two pictures of MY pride and joy! Sir Galahad!!!

God bless you all and have a Happy Ruby Tuesday.......Love Terry


Felisol said...

Dear terry,
wonderful Shopper story.
I'm sure he smiles contented when you show him the pictures!!Must be a patient little king, Shopperboy. Imagine letting you put a glove on his head. Not for a second did he believe it to be a crown.
He just wanted attention and someone to play with.
From Felisol

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Such a great story and fun times with the kitties! News and Garland are both beautiful cats!

Sherrie said...

Wonderful story! Glad Shopper got his crown!! Have a great day!!


Amrita said...

Shopper looks great in macro. Now I know why she is caled Shooping News. I thought you took her out shopping that 's why you called her so.

My Sheeba loves to be photographed. Whenever she catches me photographing people she comes right up front and wants to be included in the frame.Clever these animals are. They 'd rule you, if you let them

Deb said...

Terry - What a delightful story about Shopper! And Sir Galahad was certainly a beautiful cat!!

I used to own two cats. (or rather, they owned me!) BJ and Godiva. Wonderful pets who were with me for over 20 years. I miss them. Unfortunately, I've developed severe allergies to cats and will probably not be able to have one in the house again. I can live vicariously through yours though!

Thanks for sharing Shopper with us all!

Pia K said...

What a lovely story, Terry! Shopper sure looks like a grand character and a demanding one at that;) He looks very snazzy in red and I love it that he gets his own private driver for laundry basket trips.

Sir Galahad was a gorgeous boy!

donna said...

LOL LOL...this was a great story....and I laughed so hard when I saw that picture of the glove on his are tooooo funny...and a dollar store special to boot !!!!

I love all your stories Terry...


Dianne said...

I love Shopper's face, he is such a character

amazing story of how he chose you - thank goodness!!

Askew To You said...

I enjoyed the photos of both kitties. Interesting story about Shopping News. I'm very glad that you found him - I hate to think of what would have happened if you did not.

Love the red crown. Very regal.

Trish said...

What a wonderful story...Love his name and seeing His Royal Highness
wearing his ruby robe and crown...very creative Miss Terry!

Corry said...

Wow, that shopper is one blessed cat, to have found such loving caring people.

God's Grace.

Mrs. Mac said...

Miss Terry, I so enjoyed reading about your cats. That 'shopper' is a bit like his dad, that Bernie fellow ;) ... I bet the two of them get into some scrapes now and then, eh (lol) And my ... sir galahad is a ginormous fellow. Those big blue eyes are awesome. I'm afraid to tell you ... but I'm a wee bit allergic to cats. I'd be OK to come and have tea with you, but I'd need to get a motel room to stay in as I'd start breaking out in hives and start sneezing my head off if I ever spent the night. That's one reason my 'dawg' is an outside dawg even in the cold winter. Your posts open up much better ... in fact, I was able to watch the two video clips without any problems. Thanks for fixing the problem because I was getting anxious to visit your blog! Hugs from the Snowy Foggy Queen.