Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Golden Clan

Today at Mom and Dad Golden's, we watched a little slide video show that was put into a picture frame. It was given to Mom and Dad Golden for Christmas.
It brought back so many memories.
Here is one of the pictures.
This was taken at Gail and Ross's wedding and this is a rare picture, where every one of the nine children and Mom and Dad Golden are together.
I have a little bit of a sad feeling today because, as you know Dad Golden is 82 and still not ready for heaven.
David, who is standing next to Gail has been gone to heaven already 11 years and Gracey, who is standing on the other side of Gail, well her dear husband, Eric had left for heaven over twenty years now.
So many of my blog friends from all over the world; Canada, United States, Norway, India, Malaysia and now Philippines have been praying faithfully for Dad Golden every day.
Every day, I hope that THIS will be the day that he will trust in the Lord!
This song here," Suppertime" always makes me cry..
Thanks for the picture Gail and thank you all my blogger friends for praying for my Dad Golden...Love Terry

In the picture ;
Beautiful baby sister, Karen is sitting in the front.
Sitting, wearing the stunning pink suit is compassionate Sandra..fifth child....mother of one child.
Sitting on the left...guess who?
Back row left to right.
Trust worthy Ted...faithful brother,...third child.. Father of five children
Gentle Gracey, sixth child...mother of four children who she raised with courage and principles and Gods word....Gramma to three children.
Of course our cameo Mom Golden...Ha! raised us with kindness but did NOT spare the rod!
Frail Gail, the lovely bride ....seventh child, now wife and mother of three great kids.
Dad Golden, peeking through, always shy and such a faithful husband and good provider for his children.
Our beloved David...eighth child. Mom and Dad Golden and all of us miss him dearly.
Generous Gary, fourth child, not rich by any means but generous with his time. always there when he is needed....Father to five children, Grampa to one.
Reliable and sweet Betty, the oldest and always the one that keeps the family together even when she was deathly sick herself.She is the mother hen!....wife and mother of five children.


Saija said...

i like the scripture that gives hope that when we get saved, our family will too ...

Jesus said to him, "Today salvation has come to this house ..." Luke 19:9


and i love the pics!

byhisgracealone said...

You have a beautiful family Terry ...

love you sis

Amrita said...

Good to see the Golden People together happily grouped .I have many photos of our family also like this. Many of them are in heaven now.

We are praying for Dad Golden. Our God is the Hound of Heaven - the Good Shepherd. He knows how to gather ALL His sheep into the sheepfold before the night falls.

There are many people in my family who are un-saved. I am praying for them. Recently i came to know that my mother 's sister and her family got saved.

God will answer our prayers.
I video did not play

Ted said...

Just reading and listening to your blog from last week. "When He cometh" always one of my favourite song since I was a kid in Trenton. I always pause when I hear this because I think of what it really means later on in life. The Light House was written by Ronnie Hinson who has written also "When He was on the Cross I was on His Mind" and the "Cross in the Middle should have mine".That ole boy has the touch,eh?

My shouder is still sore and I will have the doctor look at in a couple weeks.

It is really cold and snowy with ice added to the mixture. We are on a blizzard alert for more in the next day or two.

Gotta Run
We love You
See you at the House


Terry said...

Dear Teddy
It was nice to hear from you this morning.
Yes I remembered singing "When He Cometh" in Trenton. I bless the day that ever that lady asked mom out to Sunday and her four kids.
We were a wild lot, eh. [except for Betty]Gary was a baby at the time.
I am sure that it was in April that we started going because they sang Happy Birthday to Betts and they gave her a pencil. She was eight years old.
I am glad that you are reading my blog but I wish that you would make one yourself!
How come you are waiting two weeks to go and see the doc? I will have to have Dad Golden's "Norway" [Felisol]get after you!
Gail goes to see the specialist today about her myontonis. I go next week and is the doctor's appointment you are scheduled for in two weeks for your myontonis? The American docs will treat you just fine, I know and maybe they will make a case study on you, eh?
It is cold here too Teddy, but the day light is staying longer and spring is on it's way!
Eric and David are already at the House Teddy and I am sure that Dad will be too!
Love from your big sis Terry

Dear Saija... I liked your full of hope it is!..Thanks!
When we moved to my beloved Manitoba from Trenton, Mom Golden was so sad that Dad Golden said, "I will find the Gospel Hall for you!"
And he did! It was thirty- three miles away in Brandon and that is when the Christians there started to pick the, by then, seven kids up every week for SS!

Dear Donna...You are already part of that family SIS!

Dear Amrita...I know that you are praying for Dad Golden and now your friend Mel is too!
And so many others!
And how can all of that faithful praying fail?............................Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
You have been a busy bee while I have been laying flat on my back.
This was a wonderful picture of the entire Golden family. I'd bet my last dime that the bubbling beauty on my right hand side is you.
You've got that unmistakable sally Field look.
I pray God to embrace Dad Golden with his love, so that he can overcome his fears.
FRom Felisol

Terry said...

Felisol...I am telling you I am one bad actor!
I should have been standing like a lady but the grass was so soft and green and so I just sat down!
For sure and I am no bubbling beauty,eh?
I hope tbat you ARE feeling better because everybody surely did miss you!
Grandpaw Ron was praying for you too over in Georgia!....Love Terry

Deb said...

....still praying for Dad Golden.
I am believing that he will one day wear a "golden" crown which he will cast at the feet of Jesus.

"...believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved...AND YOUR HOUSE!"

Mrs. Mac said...

Be diligent always with Dad Golden in prayer. He will most likely surprise you and declare his commitment and acceptance of Christ when you least expect. I like the scripture that Saija quoted. I need to print a picture (with your permission) from your blog so I can always be reminded each time I see it to pray for your dear dad's salvation.

Hugs from me,