Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Ruby Tuesday Birthday Dear Donna

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Happy Birthday Donna....from Mom Golden

Four friends forever!

On July 30 of this year we met Donna for the first time.
It was a rainy Wednesday morning that Betty and I packed Mom Golden into Betty's little white car and we headed for Niagara-on-the Lake[a small town near Niagara Falls] where we were to meet our American New Yorker sister, Donna
While we were waiting for her and as it was raining, Betty and I snapped pictures from inside the car.
Here are a few of them.
As you can see but the refection of the handicap card, we were in a good spot!

I liked this red brick building and I enjoyed looking at the different people who were travelling under bight umbrellas.

Loving reflections the way I do, I snapped this picture of the mirror.
Just look at those rain drops Donna.

This brave soul in the white bicycle helmet was getting as close a shot as he could of those red and purple flowers that were hanging in a big basket.

Ah! More refection's! This was before I ever had discovered Ruby Tuesday or I would have really noticed the reds in these pictures!

Finally as we waited, the rain stopped and there was Donna!
Betty was walking side by side beside her. They had become instant friends!

And here she is! Donna!
The American girl who is not only our friend but now part of the Golden family.
Mom Golden has claimed her as another daughter!

Mom Golden looking very happy to be dining out with the girls!

Ha! Betty, Donna, and Mom Golden do like looking at hats! We tired to convince Donna to buy this cute red hat but she insisted that it looked better on her new Mom!
A red hat indeed!
Neither one of them ended up buying it. Instead, Betty bought Mom Golden a navy blue one!

Mom Golden and Donna taking a stroll down the Main street of Niagara-on-the Lake. The rain had disappeared and the sun was shining!

Betty and Donna best friends forever!

The three girls sitting down for a rest and one last chat before we have to separate.

Mom Golden hates good byes!

She surely does!

And so do I!

One last picture and Donna would be on her way!
When she left, the clouds came out again and our sunshine was gone!


Amrita said...

Really enjpyed all those pictures.You gals look so good.

I have posted a red photo on my blog too.

Jim said...

Terry, you are soooooo sweet! You did an excellent job. And I will sing:
Happy Birthday Donna!
Happy Birthday Donna!
Happy Birthday Donna!
Happy Birthday Donna!
Happy Birthday Donna!
Happy Birthday Donna!
Happy Birthday Donna!
Happy Birthday Donna!
Happy Birthday Donna!

This is all the better I can sing, I have earlier in life been asked to not sing any more with a church choir.
Happy Birthday Donna!

donna said...

Thank you Terry.....this brought back wonderful memories of my trip to Niagara on the Lake....and meeting you, Betty and Mom Golden...I am looking forward to our next lunch tongether....

you are a sweet sweet friend...

thank you Jim....I am blessed...

Felisol said...

Wonderful report from Silkeborg (means silk burg, danish is presume.)
You girls seem to have had a jolly good time. Mom Golden's red hat was the peak of the show.
Once more congrats to Donna.
From Felisol

audrey` said...

Happy Birthday, Donna =)

Hi Terry
May I know if you're Terry Krueger? I received emails from Terry Krueger and Rose Cole. I haven't open them yet.
Thank you =)

maryt/theteach said...

What a marvelous trip and visit with friends! You mentioned Adi in your comment... how do you know Jim? Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

donna said...

awww thank you Mom Golden...

and thank you Terry...


Heidi Jo the Artist said...

I especially like the rain drops on the mirror. The story of how friends met was such fun. I bet you are glad you captured it with photos. Happy Ruby Tuesday a little late!

Heidi Jo the Artist

Dianne said...

this is fantastic!!!

I've been swamped this week with work and Obama so I didn't get to visit when I should

this is such a happy post full of beautiful photos and beautiful women

Mrs. Mac said...

Donna ... happy birthday over here at Terry's blog ... Terry, I left Donna a b/d greeting at her blog too. She's one of the sisters in The Sisterhood Of the Traveling Scarf blog ... nice to see you all made acquaintance ... was it nice and warm even with the rain ... we're wearing coats and gloves now. Our wintertime fun will soon be upon us, ha!