Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good News From Grandpaw Ron

This evening, I paid a visit to our amazing grace man RRBJ.
This was his post and it is well worth reading
He has not been well lately but now says that he is feeling better.
We just thank the Lord for answered prayer.
On his blog, he has a real neat picture of Jesus that if you click on to it, the Lord walks right down the church isle and gives you His hand.
I have put Grandpaw Ron's blog address here

When I was 14years old Jesus came knocking on the door to my heart and I let Him in . I was young and the things I was taught sounded so real and I had stored them in my mind for many years but did not take them seriously ? My friends learn patience and you will find many of those things you heard will become real and help to grow your faith ?
Many years I spent hanging on and the last several years my Faith has really grown and I’ve found much peace in my heart and that Jesus’s Faithfulness has convinced I’m standing on a solid Rock !
That day that Jesus walked down that Isle and took me by my hand and said ” Come unto me and I will give you Peace ” ! The last few years those words have been my comfort ? I know that Jesus has been there for me Faithfully !

I have recieved many emails over the last month wanting to know if I’m alright ? I have not commented on blogs very little because it seemed I had to conquer the things going through my mind that was between Me and Jesus ? Since august I have had many Adversitys one after another ? I could not have got this far without the prayers from my church Family and my blogging friends ! I say to all of you ” Thanks ” ! I hope to start visiting the blogs and commenting ?

My last chapter I had fell again on the account of my ignorance got hold of me ? When I fell I fell straight down on my bottom and it disrupted every thing inside of me ? The last three weeks I have been recuperating and I’m about 95 percent ok now ?

Blessings to all !

Morning Terry and Friends,

If you get time click on the url on my blog and read the story about The Rope ? Praying that Dad Golden will cut his rope and let Jesus into His heart ?

grandpaw ron


Terry said...

Dear amazing grace man
What I really like about this picture of the Lord Jesus knocking at the door is that there is no handle on the outside. He will not force Himself in. The handle is on the inside and we are the ones that will have to open it and let Him come in. He will wash all of our sins away and He will stay with us there forever!!..Love Terry

ron said...

Morning Terry and Friends,

If you get time click on the url on my blog and read the story about The Rope ? Praying that Dad Golden will cut his rope and let Jesus into His heart ?

grandpaw ron.

Terry said...

Dear amazing grace man...This story of the rope is so good!
Dad Golden wiil be 82 next Tuesday. Oh if only he comes to Jesus before it is too late!
Thank for your prayers on his Terry

Deborah said...

Hi terry! I just stopped in to say hi! I'll have to go over and read the story about the 'rope' now!

I got an envelope in the mail the other day that had on the return address, "Terry Golden" and right away I thought of you, then realized your last name is different. Turned out my nephew is marrying a girl in Winnipeg who is a Golden, wondered if it's a relative of yours?
Hope you are well, have a nice day!

Terry said...

Hey Deborah
Ha!! It is bad enough for this world to have one Terry Golden.
Oh the tragedy of it, if there is another one of us lurking about out there!
Maybe that is the one that Grandpaw Ron refers to as a mean old Canadian lady, eh?
I am so sweet, butter melts in my mouth and that guy calls me the mean old Canadian lady!!

Have you been to Donna's lately Deborah? Well by mistake I clicked on to her "Ruby Rebels" link and boy oh boy am I glad I did! You will have to go and see Deb. What a wonderful site!!!!
Thanks for coming to see me.
Now that I will have my lap top computer back, I will be able to get into yours, Amrita's and Susan Bunts site a lot easier. When I use this computer to get to your sites everything freezes up!!!
Take care and God bless you...Love Terry