Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update On Betty ...September 20

Thank you so much for posting this for me Passing-thru.
Now I have anther update and I will just slip it in here with your post.
I just got off the phone with Betty and she sounds better, but they still want to keep her in the safety of the hospital as they monitor her blood pressure and get the medication under control.
She is very very tired but I think that comes from the operation that she has endured and then the putting in of the pace maker.
Betty has made several good friends during her stay and has got their emails and in one case a phone number, so she is pretty happy about that.
We will all be so glad when she is home though!
And again I thank you Passing-thru and I thank you all for your prayers.
I know that everyone is praying for John because he is really doing well with everything that is happening.....Love Terry

I just got home awhile ago and got online --- Terry emailed this as she was in a hurry --

Dear Passing-thru.
I have to be quick..Betty went in an hour ago for her pace maker.
Rachel and I are heading to the hospital now.
Could you please tell them at the Pals and at my site.
The prayers are so important!
*** THIS EMAIL WAS SENT TO ME YESTERDAY and I thought it was today so I posted this a dat late --- sorry about that Terry, but am glad Betty is doing good ---


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I am so happy that Betty are recovering well.
Also that she has had the surplus to make friends in her condition.
I bet you Terry are more exhausted than she is. Thanks for keeping us updated. You are with your large family as always in my prayers.
From Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Terry, we are all so happy for your sister. And for the whole family, we are very thankful to God for seeing us through with this.

byhisgracealone said...

stopping by to say hello and let you know i am still praying....


Jessica said...

Hey Terry! Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing us at our humble little bloggie. ;) Hope you are doing well. We're staying busy living. haha. Our anniversary was Sept 4. We've been married 4 years now. It DOES seem crazy to think back to our wedding day and how I would have never dreamed that just 4 years from that day I would have a home and two children. WOW! God is good!!!

Judas Hate said...

Dear Terry,

I am glad to hear your sister Betty is doing better.

I hope you and yours are well.

I remember you asked if you could read my blog if I made it public again. I did. Just remember, I warned you that a lot of my stuff is not warm and fuzzy.

Hope you enjoy the good and forgive the bad.



P.S. Hi to Elise:-) Velsignelser til deg og din min venn.

Amrita said...

So happy to hear that Terry. Gradually she will get her strength back. It takes time after a serious surgery like this one. Betty has to take each step slowly.

Hugs, Amrita

Terry said...

Dear Jessica..Sorry I was wrong about the date.
My head hasn't been thinking too clear these days..

Justin,,,That is all I always did was read the good. I realy didn't even notice any bad!
I love so much to read about your family and read about your precious girls and I always love to read your kind remarks to our Curious Servant.

Thanks Jim.. for all your prayers. Tell Adi I haven't forgotten her and soon I will be visiting!

Indian Princess. I am thinking about your mama and hope that she is feeling all right!

Donna thanks so much for the nice email last night!
I will be glad when you are home!

Ah My Felisol!
I hope that it was all good what Justin says because I am going to say it too! I haven't the time to look it up like I usally do but I trust the guy and I know that he has told you something that is good!
Velsignelser til deg og din min venn.....Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I saw what Justin wrote,and I will look him up.
He's a genuine friend with a great, big, warm, empathic heart, esp. for his friend C.S., but also for his other friends.
He's also a brilliant writer, and I do enjoy reading his short stories, even if they give me a chill.
Life is not always nice and sunshine.
Justin knows how to paint with words, feelings, situations, people.
I'm looking forwards to more Justin stuff.
From Felisol