Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby Daniel's Update On Great Grampa and Gramma Golden

Hi ya everybody! I am Mom and Dad Golden's youngest grandchild, Daniel. Actually I should be calling them Great Gramma and Grampa!
Anyways, my great auntie thought it was about time that you heard how your Dad and Mom Golden are doing!
She tells me that you have all been praying so hard for them, first of all that they will be feeling better and second that my Great Grampa will introduce himself to the the Lord and just take the priceless Gift that He is offerings him! For free!!!
So now...Here is the latest news!

Here is a yummy cake that one of the ladies at the church made for my Great Gramma and Great Grampa. I just wish I was old enough to have a piece of it but if I got to choking, I would never be able to finish my first "blogging" job. So I will stay away from that cake!
Three weeks ago my great auntie had to take Great Grampa to the emergency because his right hand is not just right after the big operation that he had in Hamilton. Great Gramma thought that he had better go because she was afraid that he had a blood clot. Very serious thing I am guessing. The doctors checked Great Grampa all over and said that he was alright, as far as a blood clot was concerned. On April 3 , though my Great Grampa will be going to Hamilton again, this time for a cat scan. My Great Great Uncle Roy will be taking him there.Ha!! Great Grampa made my great auntie take this picture of him in the emergency room. She ALWAYS has her camera! She tells me she never leaves home without it! And Great Grampa knew this! That is why he demanded a picture.

I think that Great Gramma is looking at the blog book that great auntie made for Great Grampa Golden. All of your comments are in there as well as the posts. I surely do hope that MY post makes it into that book! I really don't have one idea of what a post is,eh? I added "eh?" at the end of the last sentence because all of my aunts and my uncles and my own Gramma Spence and Mommy and Daddy say that you are not a true Canadian if you can't cough up an occasional "eh?" here and there!..Ha! I have heard tell ,that the Americans are forever saying "huh?". eh?
I just heard great auntie telling Great Gramma to eat her crusts,"You never eat your crusts Mom and yet you always made US eat our crusts!". Auntie told me that Great Uncle Teddy and Great Uncle Gary always pretended that their crusts were trucks and cars and they used to race them all over the place at supper time. Zoom Zoom!!! Sounds like fun to me! Great Uncle Gary doesn't play with his crusts anymore though. He has no teeth and he can't chew them , so my second cousins always cut the crusts off of his bread first. Great Uncle Teddy is an American now as he lives in Iowa, so I really don't know if he still plays with his crusts anymore or not, huh?
I never want to grow up if I can't fun anymore!
Even I can't believe this! Great auntie tells me that she made these bran muffins for Great Gramma a few days ago and even though I love her dearly,I must say that she is Not a good baker. In fact she is downright bad! My Great Aunt Betty can bake and so can my Gramma Spence and Gramma Ventresca, but that Great Aunt! I kind of wonder if that is why Great Gramma Golden was a little ill the following day? I DID notice that my Great Grampa Golden completely avoided those buns! Now I must say that pictures can be deceiving!They almost look good enough to eat! My big brother, Chase wouldn't even had touched them! And HE has a cast iron stomach!

Oh,I was not at the Sunday dinner that Great Grampa always prepares for Great Gramma, Gramma Spence, Great auntie and Great Uncle Bernie and cousin Jordan but I did hear how upset Great Gramma was when, instead of putting the mashed potatoes into a nice bowl, somebody just put a spoon into the pan they were cooked and mashed in and then just plunked the pot right on to the table the way it was!
And Great Gramma has so many pretty dishes!
Great Uncle Bernie was no help at all! He said that the mashed potatoes tasted just a well as if they had been put into a fancy dish!
Oh poor Great Gramma and Gramma Spence are waiting patiently for their cups of tea, but they have to wait until Great Uncle Bernie has washed the breakfast and dinner dishes. Then he will serve the tea. I really do wonder sometimes if that great auntie of mine[my favourite great auntie that is] doesn't use that camera of hers to escape real work. I mean what is so hard about sticking that camera into every body's face! Poor great uncle! I once heard tell of somebody named Grandpaw calling great auntie a mean old Canadian lady and I think I heartily agree with that smart fellow! That same mean old Canadian lady just twisted my arm so I would tell you that she is my favourite great auntie! ALL my great aunties are my favourite!
Oh no! By the looks of poor Great Grampa, it looks like he DID dig into great auntie's muffins..Oh NO!!
I know that I SHOULD be happy with this nice little red truck but after hearing how much fun Great Uncle Teddy and Great Uncle Gary had playing with their crusts, how could a measly thirty dollar toy truck be any kind of fun, eh?
Now did I say that my great auntie is one great photographer?
Isn't this the nicest picture ever of my Mommy and my big brother, Chase and me?
And my Great Gramma has such a homey house!
Oh !Oh! Now I must take a break because it is time for my nap and great auntie has to go and see Great Gramma and Great Grampa.
To put you out of your suspense though, my great grandparents are doing so well that I think that there are so many of you that are praying for them.
I will have to conclude this story later Baby Daniel, "The Many Faces Of Daniel" [that is the name that my great auntie's sunshine friend, Jel gave to me and I like it! Please excuse any spelling mistakes. After all I just turned one year old and I have a lot to learn!

I see somebody has hacked into my blog, eh? Well here I am and it is a good thing that little Danny Boy is home in Niagara Falls sleeping in his crib or I would have to deal with him!

Oh, I guess it is just as well that he has done half the work for me though, because I AM a little tired. By the time I got back from Mom and Dad Golden's, it was late and I was just too tired to blog. I guess I should try to get it done! Daniel, little bud... ahem! thanks a lot, eh?

On February 18th, Betty came over to see Mom Golden . The nice afghan that Mom has on her couch was made by my sister Gail who lives in in a small city outside of Toronto. Hortense which I have nicknamed her has crocheted many pretty afghans for everybody in our family and extended family.
As you know February 18th was Mom Golden's birthday and Betty has brought her a beautiful quit over.Mom Golden just loves it! It is so old fashioned
Dad Golden looks tired and contrary to what my great nephew, Daniel has been telling everyone ,Dad did NOT have any of my muffins. He knew better than to risk that.!He says that he will stick to store bought muffins instead because he can't risk getting sick before he has to go to Hamilton!! Besides, that Betty is sitting on his chair and it seems that that is the only chair that he feels comfortable in!

This little darling is my sister Gail's young son another Daniel! He and his mom and his Aunt Sandra drove many miles to come and see Gramma and Grampa Golden. While Aunt Sandra cleaned up the apartment and his mommy prepared a delicious chicken dinner, he and I watched a Disney movie in Grampa Golden's TV room.
He was feeling a little homesick for his Dad and his two brothers, Curtis and Philip.
This is Gracey's older daughter, Lena with little Jordon. They have come over to see Gramma and Grampa Golden and to get into Grampa's Ice cream bars! Grampa Golden always has a large stock of ice cream bars on hand for his kids and grand kids and great grand kids!

Well I am just about due for a nap, as I am a little tired, so I will have to continue this later!...I just don't know how that little Daniel of Many Faces got so much more done that I could!


hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Mrs. Shirkie!

My, have you been busy!!! I have so many pics on my camera I need to upload, but am OVERloaded with courses I am taking and dgs to walk...I have hardly any time for blog-reading, but I am doing my best. I love your blaming any spelling mistakes on Daniel. ;) My sister wishes she had excuses like that ;) Actually, I think she is doing better, to her credit, but she used to be awful at spelling.

God bless you richly,

Amrita said...

Hi Danny boy you are a precocious blogger for your age and your great aunt is coaching you well.her muffins must have spurred you on. Next time she takes out her camera grab hold of it and click a picture of her.

Oh Terry that was such a heart warming post, pictures and all. Loved all the family scenes and photos. I bet Mom Golden made those quilts on the sofa.

Glad Dad Golden is doing so much better. Everyone looks so good, muffins included.

Felisol said...

Dearest Terry,
can this be really true??I quote young Danny,
"Great Grampa will introduce himself to the the Lord and just take the priceless Gift that He is offerings him! For free!!"
I want to go tell it on the mountain.
I want to shout the greatest HALLELUJAH ever.
I'll continue to pray and ask God to grant my prayerchild the best peace of mind.
He's had such a long and winding road before reaching his father's home.
My heart will always have a special room for Dad Golden.
Wonderful blog. Love'em pictures.
Like being there a part of your large family.
God bless your Pass Over.
From the happiest Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Terry, yes this is a very good blog! It took a lot of work.
When I first read about the two blogger prayers I thought they were answered. I did a double take and don't think so.
So would you please clarify this for us. Thanks.

Now, at our house, Adi gets the crusts. Huh? I think that is a good dispostion of them, huh?
BTW, I hope Daniel will write some more! I too have a new contributor.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What great fun to see ALL of these pictures of Great Grampa & Great Gramma.....They are both in great great shape! Sometime you must post a picture of Great Gramma wheb she was a young woman....She has such a Beautiful face!

Thank you Baby Daniel for such an informative post---even including the Muffins that are questionable....(lol)

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I have reread your and Daniel's blog and am so sorry that I mistook the message about Dad Golden. I took it he had already accepted the greatest gift for free. So sorry. I should have known, though, that you would have written more elaborate had the case be so. Hope my mistake did no hurt too much. I'm just a lousy old squarehead longing for good news.
They will and shall come.
Any day day now Dadd Golden will be released from what is keeping him apart from the good Lord. I'll continue praying.
Your sorry sister Felisol

Wendy WaterBirde said...

This is SO adorable Terry : )

Blessed Holy Week,


Jim said...

Hi Terry (again). Now for more, I have made an award to you of the "You Make The World A Better Place" award. Merle, my blogging buddy of Australia, gave this to me, I couldn't see that you had received this one.
The details are on my JIM'S LITTLE BLOG. I hope you like it.

ron said...

Hey Daniel,

I'll make you one of my little blogging buddy's if that is ok ? I already got two more little blogging buddy's down on Mrs Corry's blog !They are her two little grandbabies , one is 14 months old and little Leo is going on three months old ? Maybe when you get older you might get a chance to meet up with them !

Thanks for the update on Grampa and grandma Golden . But I would be careful about your old great Auntie , she does good but remember to check things out with Uncle Bernie if you have any doubts ? Tell your grandma Gracey I said hello cause she seems to be afraid of Her computer ?

Tell grandpa and grandma Golden I said Hello ! In fact just tell the whole family that this old Georgia Redneck said hey ? By for now !

Blessings to you .
Grandpaw Ron.

Anonymous said...

hi, mom looks mad on the last pic.

I don't like crust myself!


sunshine :)

Anonymous said...

Ssshhh, don't let my sister know I tipped you off, but tomorrow is your favorite Lil Montreal Girl's birthday...the same day the Sens take on our hometown Habs, and guess who she wants to win as the icing on her cake?! Her pen name isn't Praying Sens Fan in Montreal for no reason ;) My lil sis will be all-grown up...18 years old...I think she might even have some gray hairs...okay, that's just her auburn hair showing a strand or two of blond ;)

Did you get my recent update and pass it on?

God bless you,

Terry said...

Yes I did Little Pilgrim...To the whole list plus Mr. Jim and a few more of our friends..Love Mrs. Shirkie

Anonymous said...

You are so embaressing...somehow I knew I'd have to eat those words ;) I love you all the same, and so willmy sis when I show her this tonight ;)

LOve and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

The above comment was concerning your birthday greeting for my sister on Pals. I hurried over here when I saw it, and after I typed it up, noticed your response to my question above. Thank you VERY much for passing along the update to everyone, including Mr. Jim. I really appreciate that. My mom sends out the updates to our friends/family, and poor thing, so often forgets someone or other. Then I forward her update to my few friends via e-mail (I keep in touch by telephone or smail mail usually). There were several updates I wanted to pass along before, but I think the last one says it all. Please pray for my dad, for God to give him wisdom for the next step(s)...treatment, work, etc. He is beginning to ponder retirement, and he is only 53(almost 54). He wants to help us children in our businesses, and we all are sure busy ;)

Love and Prayers,LPP

Vicki said...

Hi Terry. Enjoyed all the family photos and reading what little Daniel wrote :-) Still praying and glad to know how things are going. Will keep April 3rd on my heart for your dad.