Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary To My Hubby

Bernie, it was not this cold 36 years ago on March 11th when you carried me over the threshold[which I must add, that if you tried THAT again, you would surely break your back!]
It is a cold freezing night and I am making this anniversary post for you and there you are curled up with the cat keeping you warm, and the pair of you sawing logs and snoring! How romantic is THAT!!
This picture was taken yesterday..The house is just surrounded with icicles!
Amazing grace man, Ron was supposed to be sending us some warm weather from Georgia but I surely believe that the snow queen from Idaho , Mrs. Mac sent us a whole pile of snow instead!
NOT nice!!

Mr. and Mrs Bernard Shirkie...Mar 11, 1972

Dad Golden looks more afraid than I do!
Dad and Mom Golden with their six daughters,, Betty, Gail [my Hortense], Sandra, me, Dad Golden, Mom Golden, Gracey and son David......Gary and Teddy were already gone to the hall.

Karen Golden, Bernie, Terry, Gary Golden, Betty Golden, Teddy Golden. Marilyn Walker, Norm and Susan Dube.

My bridesmaids..

My big sister Betty and my baby sister Karen

O dear what have I done? Does this mean I have to put up with Bernie's jokes the rest of my life?

Betty Jane Golden..My sister, my best friend and my maid of honour

Brother, look at THIS ugly duckling!

Was it any wonder to any of you that I was the one to pop the question!
Bernie was just too scared to say no!
This is the honeymoon we took TEN years later..We boarded the motorcycle and headed out west, to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and then to the British Columbia Mountains.
Well I guess it hasn't been a bad trip with you Bernie.
Tomorrow morning we will head out to your favourite restaurant, MacDonald's and get you some burnt muffins to celebrate our 36 years! What say?
...Love you....love Terry
PS..The cat can't come!

Ruth 1:16
Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:


Amrita said...

Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs S. Thank you for the peek into the wedding album.

Lovely pictures, you both loojk so charming and the wedding party too, dresses and all. What golden memories.

God bless you and enjoy the muffins.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Happy anniversary! I just love that picture of you both on he bike, such an adventuous spirit : )

Peaceful Week : ) Wendy

jel said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sabine said...

Happy Anniversary, Terry and Bernie! I love the pictures!

Pat said...

Happy anniversary to a very special couple!
What a beautiful bride - Bernie was no fool!
Hope you enjoyed your special day and have many, many more happy anniversaries to come.
May God bless you both every day of your lives together!

ron said...

Hello Bernie,

Wishing you a happy anniversary . Don't give up since ya'll been together this long . Blessings and prayers.

" Wait " I almost forgot to wish the mean old canadian lady a happy anniversary ! How could I have almost forgotten cause it takes TWO to do the 2 step ?

Just hang in there , the best part is still to come ?

Blessings to the both of you .

susanwalkergirl said...

Good golly...36 years!

Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple most blessed by God. Bernie and Terry...you both married well.

Love and blessings to you dear ones...Susan

Jammie J. said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Felisol said...

Dear Terry & Bernie,
happy anniversary, I think you looked swell back in -72 and even better now!
Bernie's smile for sure must all icesickles around him. Just you open your windows, Mrs. Shirkie.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Thank you for putting me on Pilgrim Pals. I hope I can live up to that name. Your introduction was too kind Terry.

Finally i found time to use the photo prog. you sent me. I am going to post some pictures using it

Amrita said...

BTW the honeymoon motorcycle is soooo cool!

Saija said...

Happy Anniversary to two lovebirds! may your nest always be feathered with patience & grace ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry

I have never even seen all of those wedding pictures, just a few of them. They are really nice.
Tell that Beanhead to stop sleeping so much.
Love Grace

Mrs. Mac said...

Snow Queen reporting in to wish you and Bernie a very happy (if somewhat belated) anniversary wish. We still have snow ... just in my area ... no icicles ... but this evening it's snowing a bit (again) ... I promise not to send it up your way ... my gardening gloves are sitting idly by just waiting to be used. Seed packets are gathering dust and the dawg has driveway fever (only place she can roam still) Here's hoping for many more years of married bliss. ...and sunshiny skies too.

hugs & love from Idaho

Anonymous said...

Oh, NO! I missed your anniversary!! I knew it was in March, and I have a card and letter and all waiting to be mailed, but alas! I feel awful! Please do accept my sincere apologies, and

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Shirkie!

Why didn't you let us know at Pals??!

Love and Prayers,


Jim said...

Happy (late) Anniversay Guys! Do like we do around here, celebrate for a whole month or a couple of weeks.
No excuse, but I don't get read around like I should or I would have known.
I did get your other message, thanks for the heads up!
Again, sorry I'm late. Best wishes for 36 more!

Anonymous said...


Happy New year! :)

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