Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary Jessica And Ryan

I have been too lax with my blog site the last two months and not reading some of my favorite links as I should have been doing.
When I heard from my good friend, Jessica today, I thought it high time that I pay her a little visit.
Now here is what I found!
I missed her and her husband, Ryan's third anniversary.
I want to wish them a very Happy Belated Anniversary!

This is a picture of the family now.
Jessica and Ryan are the happy parents of one year old Ty and one month old Macie Jade, who just entered the world August 27, 2007.
God's riches blessings on this beautiful family!!....Love Terry

You can see some more pictures of the newest baby girl and Ty at Jessica's.. http://jessicaarizona.blogspot.com/


hebrews 11:1 said...

Happy Anniversary Jessica and Ryan!!!

Mrs. S....at least I have not missed out with your lax blogging ;) I just checked a question I asked yo about your camera and saw you have not replied yet. Well, I went to the store, and the one I wanted was not in stock!!! So, I am waiting again ;)

God bless you,

Jessica said...

Thanks so much Terry! That was really sweet of you! We are truly blessed and thank God everyday for what He's given us!

Glad they're rebuilding that McDonalds...Ty was upset there for a second! =)

Terry said...

Aw Jessica...tell him not to be too uspet.
I think what I will do is collage that Ronald Macdonald picture again and put little Jade right beside Ty on that clown's lap!...Love Terry

Hey Hebrews... I put my opinion of the camera on the Pilgrim Pals blog somewhere.
I guess you will have to look for it!
Gracey is waiting for you to comment on her lastest post...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I wish Jessica and Ryan a happy anniversary.
I am a sucker for happpy lovestories, this seems to be the right ind!!
God bless you.
Yours Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. S.,
I GIVE UP! I just looked all over, and I couldn't find your response...

I did go straight to your sister's, first, before I sifted through comments on Pals.

If you get a chance, once you've caught up with all your blogging buddies, Paul Mackay has had a few great posts lately! I just went over there,...two were so funny my sister and I couldn't stop laughing, and one was very good...and very serious.

God bless you

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy anniversary to Jessica and Ryan. Glad to see Miss Terry up and running once again ;) I had to go over to Gracey's to find her hiding out (lol)

Terry said...

Where did you think I was Mrs. Mac.?
Look!..it took me two months to round up that Miss Gracey..!
Besides, there was one other time that you had to hunt me up...the time I bit the dust a few months ago and smashed up my face!! Ha!
The Pilgrim Pals were hiding me out!...Love Terry

Pat said...

So you are still out there, huh Terry? I was about to send out the RCMP to find you! I loved your Hubby Meme on my blog - they are so much fun!
Don't stay away so long, your fan club misses you!

curious servant said...

Thank you for dropping by and leaving the comment, sis.

Let me know the Address of Susan's blog, or Pilgrim's and I'll check out that pic.

I have thought of you often.

I don't think you have been visiting the other blog I have created to process the recent events in my life. There has been hope of late.

I feel a little bad about the remonstration I gave you when you were concerned about my rougher language. I understand how you feel.

Still, I hope you know that I am grateful for your prayers.

You are sweet.

God bless

David said...

they do look so happy, a blessing!

Terry said...

Dear Curious Servant...I sent the addresses along to your blog!
Thanks for your visit.
Your new art picture of the Good Shepherd is so moving!
You will like Susan Bunt's, my kindred spirit's picture too, I just KNOW it!!

Hello David..Nice to hear your voice again.
As you can see, I am trying to get caught up on my Canadian blogger links... I have been way too lazy!
I like the prayer that you had on your site. Very beautiful...Left me speechless which is highly unusual for me, eh?...

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I've seen CS's wonderful painting. Lots and lots of work and thoughts behind.
Oh, yeah, I know the Good Sheperd has heard My Prayer Child's mute cry.
He'll leave the 99 to pick up the one left behind.
I feel sure they already have made contact.

turtlepearl said...

Hey Terry. I DO still have a blogspot. Yay! (There's not much on it, but I have one! :)
Been skimming thru your pics. Beautiful family! The flannel nighties look warm & snuggly & the scalloped potatoes look absolutely delicious! And the dog eating the cake was too funny! :) Have a good day! Hugs, Cindy

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss Terry,

Your posts have been so few and far between lately. I'm praying for God to slow your schedule down a bit...so you and Bernie can catch your breath.

Praying for your Daddy and his salvation of course and his upcoming procedure. And now I see that your brother in law is in the hospital. But oh the hand of God...and His plan. We pray that dear Mike will receive the free gift of salvation...and have the peace he so desperately needs.

Blessings to you dear one. Say Hi to my David. I swear I think of you too every time I listen to Greater Vision.

Thanks for all the comments on my website...so good to hear from you. You made me laugh on the Canadian Duct Tape man! Thanks!

Terry said...

Hey Susan, my kindred spirit, I WILL start posting again, I promise!
I just have to get caught up on all my blog friend's sites and commenting!!!
Love Terry

Jim said...

Of course, LATE a little. Sorry, but I was AWOL.
I'm back now, and even wrote two blogs (Photo Place and Little Blog).
Now I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.
BTW, we saw the real 'Deal or No Deal' on the BBC while we were over there. It is so much better than this one.

Terry said...

Dear Jim..So glad to hear your voice again
Not your singing voice but your talking voice.
We really have to send you to some singing lessons but like I said in the email I just wrote you that it is the thought that counts, eh?

Behind in your blogging?
Tell me about it!
I am trying to get caught up myself, a blog at a time.
Today, I tackled Sara'a blog but still have a lot to do!!
Take care and tell Amber that the American edition of "Deal Or No Deal" is the best!!
Grampa does not know what he is talking about!......Love Terry

RubyShooZ said...

How sweet and happy they look.

Thank you for coming and leaving a comment on my blog, it's much appreciated.

I wish you peace and beauty in your life today.

~ RubyShooZ ~

The Good Reporters said...

Sis. Terry,
We'll remember to keep this request that you mentioned in our prayers. Thanks for the comment on our blog. I was thinking about you recently.

hebrews 11:1 said...

I was thinking of the good reporters, too, lately! I haven't been over there in AGES, and I feel very bad about that. I love that they call you Sister Terry...I have a few friends I call like that, too.

Mrs. Shirkie...I was very saddened to read that my novel was a stumbling block to you!!! That is not good news...Bible meetings are far more important, even if your mom can't see you reading that novel. Oh, now, you know I am just giving you a hard time, right? I cannot say that with a straight face as that smart New Yorker, who got us really god before, didn't she? Or did she just pull my leg, and not yours??? ;) I'm still laughing, all this time later! I was not laughing when I read her comment at first, I think I went red that day! :)

God bless you! and thank you very, very much!!!


Terry said...

Novel, Hebrews 11:1?
I don't know what you mean!...love Mrs. shikrie