Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rachel's Pictures

Not finished yet Felisol...
To be continued!
On my way to pick up Mom Golden for prayer meeting and after that I am sure that she will want to go to Wendy's for a baked potato and then I will be able to finish this post...but yes... those handsome boys ARE Dad Golden's grandsons!!..


Felisol said...

Dearest Terry,
thanks for sharing the great family event.
Is it grandchildren putting their arms so carefully around Dad Golden?
Your Mom, she's looking so dignfied, a Lady with class, yet gentle and in every way present.
Her eyes not missing a detail.
I like women wearing hats, you were gorgous in your summerdress and hat, standing close to smiling Bernie.
What I envy is that you all are wearing light clothes in sunshine.
I have fetched my wollen underwear, and still got a fever rise when i worked for an hour in the garden today. I so miss the sun.
Best wishes to bride and groom from

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, thank you for the photos. Sister says to say that she loves your mom's cute hat!

When you get a chance, I recommend that you read about our SUPER day...I commented under PT's post entitled "Living Letters". Not trying to be proud or anythig, but just wanted to share what a God-ordained thing happened today.

And don't forget tomorrow is Nathan Fisher's birthday...I forgot and thought it was today!

God bless you,

donna said...

thanks for sharing Terry...everyone looks so lovely.
I am still working on geting my daughters on the computer...a slow process....but then, I havent been on the computer much. trying to stay busy with other things.

hugs to you

LauraMae said...

Nice Pictures Terry,....glad you, the busy photographer got to be in at least one photo! I like seeing all the ladies in their hats. Weddings are so much fun!

Take Care

passing-thru said...

A GLAD EVENT and one that brings the family together -

Lord Bless Terry

Saija said...

i'm so glad you guys had a joyous family occasion to celebrate! :o)

Jim said...

Everyone looks so special! That was a big day, I'm betting the wedding was great!

I did notice one thing, SOME PEOPLE took their hats off before all the picture taking was finished.

Or were they rental hats and you didn't want to pay the extra quarter for another hour?

BTW, I may not post anymore comments until towards October. We are leaving Monday to finish our holiday in the UK.

The June Bug (NOT) was my last post on JIM'S LITTLE BLOG,

There should be one more post on JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO PLACE sometime before Sunday.

Thanks for the tip off!

Noel said...

Hi Terry.
Nice pictures. Everyone looks great. Sorry been out of touch for a while. Will make a better effort to blog more often. Missing you.

Pat said...

As usual, you give us the best pictures - but I have to say....I love wedding photos! You all look so pretty in those hats - what a happy day for everyone!

Mrs. Mac said...

Another great family event with the prospects of good food. Tell the bride and groom congratulations. May their years be filled with much happiness.

Vicki said...

I always enjoy family photos! Blessings on the new bride & groom!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, sweetie,
2 quick camera questions...decision time is tomorrow and I' going between the Sony H7 and Canon S5...have you ever had trouble with A)unusually dirty lens and B) colors not coming out right?

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Be anxious for nothing: but in everything, let your requests be made known unto God: and the peace of God which passes all understanding will rule in your heart and your entire being...Phil.4:6-7

God bless you!
Your friend forever....;)

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!! But why doesn't your mother ever smile?