Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saija Of The Manitoba Prairies

I just received this in my email.

It appears with the 50 degree weather that they are experiencing in my beloved Manitoba, "Saija's Country", that our girl is trying to melt the snow even faster by stomping on it or perhaps she is going to make herself a snow man?

I just thought I had better grab this picture before that David Fisher scoops it up for his own blog.."Pilgrim Scribblings".

It is surely a winner, this picture, and it was taken by none other than Saija's own sweetheart Leo.

For sure and this is NOT the posting I had in mind for my next one but I thought, as I said, that if the Pilgrim DOES swipe one of Saija's pictures, he will have to take and then post the one that Saija, herself shot of a guy playing golf on the skating rink dressed in SHORTS!!

You can find Saija on "Thro'a Glass Darkly".


Saija said...

terry you little stinker! *laughing* ... i probably didn't send this particular e-mail to david ... i thought you might like to see some manitoba scenes ... and the "playing" that i did with the ice, well the patio is pretty well exposed now ... as are a few flower beds ... i don't know if i will keep them up, but it has been fun to see what is actually under the snow!

rrbj said...

I guess I will have to send some mid 50's at night and mid 80's in daytime weather up to ya'll and then it wouldn't be long cause then it would start looking like spring time as it already does down here ! Blessings. Ron.

Terry said...

Dear Ron...Isn't it bad enough that I have to read your bragging about the good weather you are always seeming to have without your coming up to Canada to my blog and doing some MORE bragging?.......From Terry

One of these days boy ,with all the weather changes these days, you and Georgia are going to get one big blast of snow and Southern Ontario is going to get all the heat!!....Terry

rrbj said...

Good morning to our friends up north in Southern Ontario the forcast today in Southern Georgia is is expecting to reach 88 degrees around 4 oclock today? I share this information because today is another good day for a picnic and fun outside? Thanks for sharing Terry ain't cyberspace wonderful? Thanks for the compliment "one of these days boy" ! I was 39 years old for 22 years then I decided to have one more birthday this last year and stop having birthdays then ? Don't worry about blessing me out at least it was done in a neighborly way! Blessings. Ron.

Jessica said...

Hello Terry! Just wanted to stop by to say hi from all of us in the little white house with the very wonderful "log cabin" bedroom! lol Have a good day! Jessica, Ryan, Ty, and new baby on the way!

Anonymous said...

Saija is such a cute little thing! If I looked like that, I wouldn't mind having my picture posted, that's for sure.

Noel Lewis said...

Hi Terry!.
Just stopping by to say Hi.
Hope all is well.

Corry said...

Hi Terry, I just came from Ron's blog and I love your blog. I will certainly be back. :-)
Have a wonderful, blessed day!

God's Grace.

Jim said...

Hi Terry -- You should have recognized this act. She is testing the ice after the snow got scooped off.
We are back in Texas now. And our grandcat, Amber, is settling down for a long visit with us.

Terry said...

Hi Jim...OH Oh, I guess if Amber is settling down for a long visit, you might be adopting her like you adopted your granddaughter, Adi!!
That Karen better not have anymore kids!!You and Mrs. Jim keep getting stuck with them..For shame Karen!!
I hope that Karen has at least trained that Amber not to be waking you up at five in the morning Jim.
Bernie and I and Shopper just couldn't handle those early morning hours when Amber and Adi were our guests!!!

Saija, you called me a stinker, but look at what Sabine said about you, you "cute little thing", you!!

You are cute yourself Sabine...just take that camera away from your face, on "Sunshine and Shadow" so we can see how cute you really ARE!!

Ron, thank you for sending us some sunshine today. That Jel has deserted us for some reason!

Jessica, Ryan and Ty...I will be right up to see you guys! And Rachel and Amber and Amanda and Morgan...Long time no speak!..

Cory, thanks for dropping by. I saw you on Ron's site, and thanks for visiting my friend Sabine. She s one precious person!
I wil try and drop by YOUR site later on today.

Noel Lewis, my forever friend..Nice to see YOU!! Blessings to your family!

JIM, I think I will have to send Adi out AGAIN to look for our Jel..What say?
While she is at it, maybe she can search for my Mrs. Mac too!

......................................................Love from Terry......................................................

Anonymous said...

Nuh uh. I'm only showing you my good side. I was going to e-mail you a picture but you'd have to promise not to post it on your blog!

Jammie J. said...

LOL -- that Saija, she's just a kid at heart. :)

Maggie Ann said...

What a dear picture of her!

Saija said...

well after all my efforts - there is OFFICIALLY no more ice on the patio ... :o) ... and sabine, you are best to be aware of our terry - before i knew it - there i was!

and terry, you know i think you are a sweetie - seems you have adopted many of us bloggers and are mother-hen to us all ...

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
thanks for visiting. I have enjoyed reading some of your blog. The warm humor and loving care. I like it. I will do want you asked me to. I'll have to think and pray and not rush in to people's lives out of the blue. Again, you must be a good friend, taking care of yours like yo do. God bless you all.

SiouxSue said...

Wow, Terry, what a photo. Hope you are doing well. We certainly don't have's 80˚F+ here in Texas. Oh, and Turtle is well!!

clew said...

Hi Terry! Thank you for the visit and for your wonderful comment! I've enjoyed skimming your blog as well and will be back soon when I can spend more time.

It's a pleasure to meet you!

P.S. I love "Picture It" too. I've been designing our annual Christmas cards on that program for years :)

Mrs. Mac said...

She looks like a youngster in that photo. Must be exciting to finally see the snow start to melt. Soon I'll be posting pictures of the BABY! Next week I get TV and internet, YIPPEE!
Mrs. Mac

byhisgracealone said...

Hi Terry...just wanted to stop in and say hello....thinking of you.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you are too kind. I am a human with only too many flaws.
Just ask my friends and family, they would know, but they love me still, and that's a wonder.
You may of yours do what you like with what I've written.
Your welcome.