Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday To A Perfect Gift!

Today is a very special day for little Nathan, who is called little Gift
because that is the meaning of his name, "gift of God"!

He will be 11 years old today.

I found this very lovely poem and it is all about Nathan and every other little child in this world..

Thank God for little children,
Bright flowers by earth's wayside,
The dancing, joyous lifeboats
Upon life's stormy tide.

Thank God for little children,
When our skies are cold and grey.
They come as sunshine to our hearts,
And charm our cares away.

I almost think the angels,
Who tend life's garden fair,
Drop down the sweet, wild blossoms
That bloom around us here.

It seems a breath of heaven
Round many a cradle lies,
And every little baby
Brings a message from the skies.

Dear Mothers, guard these jewels,
As sacred offering meet,
A wealth of household treasures
To lay at Jesus' feet.

author....Frances E.W.Harper

Here is a song that the Sunday School kids love to sing:

When He cometh, when He cometh
To make up His jewels,
All His jewels, precious jewels,
His loved and His own.

He will gather, He will gather
The gems for His kingdom:
All the pure ones, all the bright ones,
His loved and His own.

Little children, little children,
Who love their Redeemer,
Are the jewels, precious jewels,
His loved and His own.

Like the stars of the morning,
His bright crown adorning,
They shall shine in their beauty,
Bright gems for His crown.

Have a very Happy Birthday Little Gift....Love from your Canadian friends Mr. Bernie. and Mrs. Terry

Mr.Shopper,the Cat says hi to Miss Holly the "Dawg"!.


Pat said...

How sweet of you to write such a lovely post. Happy Birthday Nathan!!
We miss your mom!
When I read the words to the second song, "Precious Jewels" my eyes filled with tears. That is the song our church sang every time a baby was dedicated to the Lord. Our pastor and wife never had any children and when he sang it (always off key) his heart rang with love for each baby. It's a tradition that has long since been done away with - I miss it, I guess all things must change.
Thanks for the reminder of a beautiful time.

jel said...

very cool post, Terry

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

Nice poem. I love the name.

Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for remembering Nathan's special day Miss Terry. He truly is a precious gift from God. I'm at the library using their computer as I'm not "hooked up" yet at the new home. Don't know when I can post anymore pictures ... but will try. We are all exhausted from the move, and just this afternoon I drove my DH to the airport. But at least he left us all settled in nicely at the new home. I have missed your sweet notes. Will try to stop by later this week (at the library of course).. Take care,
xxxx Mrs. Mac

Terry said...

Oh Mrs.Mac...how nice to hear your voice!!

I told you to go the library on the 20th. I am so happy you did!!

Miss Patty, as I told you has her nose all bent out of joint ya know!!
When will she be able to use your guest room that you designed ESPECIALLY for her, eh?
And that Miss "Dawg"surely needs some discipline!
Did she eat all of the black jelly beans?

I will be glad when you are back I have nobody to bug!...Love Terry

I was just almost on my way out to work. So glad I got your message first...

Pat said...

My nose is perfectly fine - thank you very much!
Wasn't it great to hear from Mrs. Mac again!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Terry, what a lovely Birthday poem and song! I am familiar with the song..its a special one. The days have just been flying by. Tomorrow I have a feeling I should work on the laundry...maybe...smile. Its the end of the day for me. Hubby's lunch is packed and waiting in the frig. I made him a pan of brownies. Its time for me to shut things down and get some rest and reading done. Take care...

Jim said...

Hi Terry -- That is wonderful, I am happy for Nathan!
For Mrs. Mac too, I will check her out.

SiouxSue said...

Terry, what a precious photo and wonderful poems for Nathan's birthday. He's the same age as our Bethy, Jennifer, and Tim. 11 is a good age...still young enough to think adults are good people, and old enough to really enjoy talking to.

BTW, Turtle sends her love!

SiouxSue said...

Terry, thanks for taking the meme on my blog. I love your answers. Doing this sort of thing makes us know each other better. And, yep, people are really almost alarmed when they see one of us without the other. It just doesn't work that way!!

Terry said...

Ha!! That was a really good survey that you have on your blog Siouxsue. I spent so much time answering, it that I will have to write the Jessica Connection kids tomorrow on their blogs and my Jeanette.
I am really far behind but I have no regrets at all about answering your marriage survey.It was really fun!
So you don't think I am bold, eh by the one question I aksed Bernie before I left Ottawa? hee..hee...!
I am off to bed now as I have to work in the morning!..Love you!! Love Terry

Lisa said...

What a lovely way to send birthday greetings! *Smile*

Thanks for coming by! You are welcome any time! :o)

Psst... How are you planning to smuggle Turtle into Canada?

Terry said...

Hey Lisa..That teaches me for ever trusting YOU!!

Turtle has already visited us but we had to send her back along with all the other cats. Jim's dog, Adi escorted them back.
Turtle was very well behaved and cute, that is why we wanted to keep her here in Canada....
I have NO idea how we can smuggle her over now seeing as you let the cat out of the bag by squealing on me. That Sioux is going ot be keeping a real good eye on her now!.....Love Terry

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Terry, thanks for coming by to visit me! These computers really burn up the time don't they and/but its sooooo much fun =). We went to town today...I had dentist appts. and then we needed new ink cartridges for the printer. My hubby was very sweet about it...I print vintage clip art with a passion =)...no regrets yet. When he retires eventually, I'll have to conserve the inks though. Day is done, actually its 1:30 a.m. and I'm blogging but about ready to call it a day. Trouble is, I go to bed and read a few pages and then a few pages more..etc. Hope you've had a good day and are having one now in this new day...may it be full of God's blessings for you. bye for now, Maggie Ann

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Miss Terry,

Just popping by to say a cheery hello to my dear friend. This grandma in waiting is still waiting for her precious baby Jacob to make his grand entrance. Today I'm off to buy a baby mattres to complete the baby crib in my guest room.Did your weather ever warm up? Hoping springtime is just around the corner waiting to bloom and make everything thing green.
xxx mrs. mac

Lauren-Mary said...

Hi Terry-

I haven't had the time to post for a while, so I didn't have the chance to sit down until now to answer the comment you left on my blog a few weeks ago. I wrote you a longer comment on my blog, but just wanted to swing by and say THANK YOU for being such a great friend! I always appreciate your input and comments...you're such a blessing!

Much love-

p.s. Happy Belated Anniversary! The wedding pictures are so beautiful.

Susie said...

Hi Terry,
Loved the poem and birthday greetings for Nathan! I didn't know the meaning of that name. Our dear friends have a grandson named Nathan and it's true, he's "a gift of God" (of course that applies to all children) :)